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  1. Left my IPad on at work,buddy is messing with me.
  2. iPad got hacked by prankster ,trying to remember what I typed
  3. Found this on a local forum,but not sure about price.ak's don't pop up often and seem to fetch good money here in North Florida,anyway here we go Nor info 56s,800 rounds of ammo-$1200 Might be trading two od Glock 19's instead of cash,so what do you think?
  4. another basic conversion using ar15 style tube and stock with an ACE ar style folder
  5. been looking at these for my Arsenal AK,looks like I am ordering one,thanks for the pics
  6. I used to go to Gateway but last time I was there I witnessed one of the range Nazi's just about cuss a family out ,without warning.I am done with that place,Might have to save up some ammo and get out of town,maybe private property somewhere.....
  7. I am looking to get a 10 or 12 round drum mag,any benefit to the 10 over the 12 or vice versa? Whats a good reliable drum mag? expert or experienced info please as I am sure this will answer questions quite a few will have as more people buy and modify these saiga 12's Thanks
  8. got a couple and they are indeed a very often overlooked weapon
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