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  1. I dont like the picatinny rear sight, its too high. Why not order them from the factory with a rear sight like on the Vepr 12/Saiga 12, with built in hinge for a railed top cover? I think that would sell quite well and obviate the need for aftermarket parts etc. The folding stock is quite nice though. Regardless its good to know you are working on developing new products!
  2. dasu

    Vepr Accuracy

    Thats pretty mediocre, I would be quite dissapointed too. What little reviews on accuracy I see all have dissapointing results, for a rifle thats over one pound heavier than a standard AK. What ammo did you try, and did you use a scope?
  3. what are your five shot groups? did you ever try that? have you tried the 60+ grain projectiles?
  4. dasu

    Vepr Accuracy

    I installed a POSP 6x scope on my bone-stock 16 inch Vepr. The scope is quite big and makes the rifle heavy and ungainly, good for precision work but I wouldnt want to drag this out anywhere. Honestly I have been having some second thoughts based on other folks reports and the fact that I wont be able to install one of the Sabrewerks scope mounts on it. But I wanted to be able to do some accuracy testing to see if the Vepr is any better than the Saiga. I am shooting this at about 85-90 yards, prone using a small garbage pail for a rest, so not the most stable but good enough. I started wi
  5. Thanks Zag for the detailed write up on your trigger and cork bedding work. All very intriguing. Your work is amazingly helpful, as most posts have little facts or details, just opinions and hearsay.
  6. The AK can be a accurate/ Take a look at the polish Beryls they will run 1" groups. And i have turned out about 1.5 moa 5 shot groups with a 21" saiga and 155s over 748 and iron sights. I didnt handload for my Vepr. So yes the AK can be quite accuracte, althouhg not like my AR (3/4") On my old 308 Vepr the 155s shot best. Zag have you measured where the lands start? Perhaps your OAL puts you close to the lands. Finally have you tried ladder loading? In my experience there is a big variation in accuracy dependin on velocity. I can see being dissapointed. Also are you firing in a rest or s
  7. dasu

    60 rounds

    Nice! Glad to see the SUper pulled somthing more respectable with the Hornady ammo.
  8. Thanks for the update. When i started working on things mechanical and attepting to solve some issue I was advised to determine that the most common and simple bugs first. Its good to know how to shoot the ak for accuracy.
  9. Ive got some 70 grain wolf as well as the 69 grain ukrainian ammo that was supposed to be non corrosive. I really wanted a 20 inch saiga with its heavy barrel. I am suprised about the accuracy as when you posted the velocity numbers the SD went way down. How is the crown on your rifle? Is it any better if you just shoot the irons?
  10. Is there any ammo that gives you half inch groups? Would you say this is more or Less accurate than 7n6?
  11. One of these days, when I have a lot of time I am going to do a cold bore shoot. bam, wait five minutes, etc etc. I want to see what the Saiga can do then. In the mean time I have done better, way better with a 21" to the tune of 1.5 inches five shot groups at 100 yards with milsurp. My 16 does a lot worse - 2.5 inch - but I think thats because of the MB, maybe. Interestingly enough Federal GM fared no better than milsurp. When I get my reloading bench set back up I am going to try the 155 grain bullets, particularly the lapua, and see what they do.
  12. nice. most saigas ive seen seem to throw brass in two locations. i have to say that if you are going to scope it the factory stock is pretty decent compared to the standard AK stocks. i got one of battlerifleG3s stocks for for my dad and with a scope its perfect. i think he has got quite a backlog though. the factory forend is weak. beware shooting it off the bench with a fixed rest - if the sling swivel catches on the rest it will rip the stock right off.
  13. Sent my MO in late but he got me a stock fast. Good guy.
  14. that beast must be LOUD
  15. ill vouch for freedom optics. i bought a pkas that went bad after 40 shots, returned it without any hassle. he is a good guy to deal with.
  16. yeah sure is fast. what scopes on that gun?
  17. no. saigas can do better than 3 moa, even with surplus ammo. i can get about 2 moa with some surplus ammo - santa barbara i think. with good commercial ammo (FGM) ive turned in 1.5 inch groups. anything under your 500 yard goals is certainly in its domain. my sample set is two 22 inch barrel rifles and my 16 with muzzle break (displayed in the images section.) the latter rifle doesnt shoots around 3 - 3.5 moa with surplus...i think its the muzzle break. but the saiga is no sniper and wont hang with an AR. dont know what it does at longer (+600 yards.) first shots out of the mag ar
  18. dasu

    FBMG mags

    me too. ordered on 11/22/2006 received 11/22/2007! forgot about that order, so it was a nice suprise. these have better looking floor plates.
  19. Barrel and bolt kits are $320, no more than a high quality 556 barrel/bolt. A grendel upper costs the same as a 556 upper. You just have to spend $10 more per mag. And Wolf 123gr SP ammo is $270 per 500, thats 54¢ a round. I don't get some of these statements; it seems to me that the 6.5 is at least the equal to .308, and superior to the run-of the-mill surplus ammo, based on the attached PDF. When you consider the price of ammo, Grendel is equal to military surplus at $.50 a round. Dollar for dollar energy, drop and drift is better at all ranges. In what way is the 308 superior? If energy
  20. the grendel attracts fanatics and controversy. the whole broken bolt thing made me think twice. i still cant figure out the verdict on that, so im not risking any of my money on it. not when i can own a saiga 308 for a fraction of the price which weighs little more than an AR. if i had rediculous money id build a saiga in Lapuas new 6.5 round.
  21. matt does great work - he did my stock set up there in the 308 images collection.
  22. micah, dave -those are sweet. dave, who did the conversion on the saiga?
  23. dasu

    Accurizing Saiga

    sopmod, how are you going to mount that scope?
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