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  1. Looking to build my first ar but having trouble deciding between a BCM upper or Spikes and both are around the same price. The spikes has a 12" picatinney and the bcm has a 13" midwest industries keymod. Kind of leaning toward the bcm but just wondering what experiences people have had with these companies?
  2. I picked up a Mcrees Precision stock and a Timney 517 trigger for my Rem 700 AAC-SD.
  3. Still trying to decide if I want to change out the trigger.
  4. That place is good but always really busy. Last time I was there I had a burger where the top and bottom bun was a grilled cheese sandwich.
  5. Looks like we are getting a Dick's sporting goods in West Des Moines, IA. I've never been in one and from what i've been reading on gun forums I probably never will.
  6. Auditor/Analyst for a very large bank. I work with attorneys on foreclosures, bankruptcies, evictions and litigation.
  7. I have the chaos Titan with the hk sights and it's a great product. You won't be disappointed.
  8. my local sportsmans warehouse has 5.56 in stock, 7.99 for a 20rd box.
  9. One of my local news channels described the long gun as a huge caliber .223 that is exactly what is used by the military and is nicknamed the bushmaster.
  10. Well the contract was voided and we got our money back, time for find another lot and builder.
  11. I talked to a friend last night and his rental townhouse is opening up on the first so we are moving in there and waiting to start the process again. What really sucks is we were supposed to have our home inspection for our adoption next week so that is being rescheduled until our other house is built.
  12. We had a great meeting with another home builder yesterday and looks like we are going to go with him. I just don't want this guy to start saying that we are hard to work with, I am very reasonable and know things are not going to be perfect but this house was pretty screwed up. We were able to get our $1000 back we spent on blinds but are still out the closing costs from the bank. Our realtor is trying to get that back
  13. My wife and I had sold our house back in August and decided to have a new home built. We have been living in a crappy extended stay hotel since sept 29th. Our walk through was Saturday and we did have quite a few think marked that we wanted fixed. There was about a foot long scratch in the wood floor, a golf ball size dent in the third stall garage door, a broken cabinet door, sunken spots in the yard, a broken ceiling fan, a gap in the floor by the island and multiple scratches in the cabinets and walls. We tried contacting the builder the day we were to close and couldn't get ahold of him, f
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