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  1. AKOU detailed a modified a Zhukov hand guard for a Vepr 54r https://m.facebook.com/AkOperatorsUnion/photos/pb.656164651082484.-2207520000.1431538113./978505182181761/?type=1&source=54 Will probably follow suit when I *finally* convert my 308
  2. I just shot my Saiga 308 for the first time today. I found the recoil to be surprisingly mild, a rolling push similar to a shotgun rather than the hurkey-jerky AK47 recoil. -REad
  3. Can you give us a headsup on how you fitted it? -REad
  4. Looks interesting, what stock adapter did you use on that? -REad
  5. I'm interested in doing a Galil Sniper conversion to my Galil 308. The most daunting part I can see right now is removing the rear sight base/block and replacing it with the Galil gas tube. Could you detail the work and tools required for that step? Thanks, -REad
  6. Can I ask you what model of gasblock that is? It doesn't appear to be a standard AK-104 GB. Nice gun, can't wait to finish my own conversion. -Read
  7. I'm interested in purchasing a Saiga-308 and making some sort of PSL clone out of it. I have a POSP 8x42 with the SVD attachment, and was wondering if I would have to swap it out for the AK bottom mount or not. THx -ReadMenace
  8. Well, I went to Kalinka's website and found the source that told me 4moa on the POSPs. Here, it's a PDF, so beware. It says that the standard POSP has a MOA of 10cm @ 100m. While the pro has a MOA of 1.25cm @ 100m. -Read
  9. I may be wrong, but from I recall reading an article on Soviet optics that claimed the POSP had 4moa adjustments. All I know that is sure is that the PRO models feature 1/2moa adjustments.
  10. Where'd you get the Dragunov FH?
  11. There are two types of POSP 8x42. One is the standard, with 4moa adjustments. Then there's the PRO which features a .5moa adjust. It appears you might have the standard.
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