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  1. While I totally agree about people needing to stfu in this situation I hardly think either prostitution or bank robbery are "victimless crimes". Far from it if you ask me.
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    guns n such
  3. I have a Hi Point carbine I'm building my son and I am stuck on what rear sight to use, its got a red dot but but I want him to have BUIS too. I'm looking at a Magpul MBUS cause he thinks its cool looking (I wont be using the matching front, I already have the front sight figured out and cant change it anymore, its permanently attached) but I need to know the height of the aperture above the rail when deployed to see if one would work. Can anyone provide me that measurement? MagPul's website is about useless for anything other than MSRP. Please lets not turn this into another hi-points suc
  4. I too was having issues with the last round of some of my Galil mags not feeding so I took it all apart and removed a little material from the hump on the followers, just enough to make it so a single round would lie exactly in the center of the feed lips, not under either side. When your loading the first round (last one to be fired) it'll pop out on its own, load a 2nd and it wont happen because the 2nd round will hold it over to the side. After I did this I have not have not experienced the problem again.
  5. I used Rust-Oleum textured (in black-duh) its in a white can with a lawn chair, exterior light and wine rack on the front label, it is IMO a perfect match, its not like the hammer-tone you might think of when you hear "textured paint" its almost smooth and non-gloss and feels about like 1000grit sandpaper (you could use some 800grt paper and make it smooth in about a minute of work if you didnt like it). I F'ed up the left side with a nasty scratch and hit it with a shot of paint and you CAN NOT TELL where the transition is from factory paint to my paint on the side, let-alone the bottom if yo
  6. Wow NICE digicamo job on that glock!

  7. So I've had this dream for awhile now to use a diopter style sight, like found on the MP5 called the HK 416/417 sights-(front/rear) or another similar setup or even aftermarket setups. The front sight seems to be easy to figure out-my first choise will be a FSB/gas block combination for the AK if it shows to be the correct height, otherwise there is a weld on front sight I will make work so thats no biggie. I'm not sure what to do with the rear, I want the rifle as stock AK looking as possible, minus AK rear leaf of course. What are some ideas you guys may have for mounting? Custom j
  8. I've been wanting an HK rear drum sight on my .223 really bad recently, been thinking of two ways to do it- fab up a base plate and weld it to the rear cover, or use a rail mounted rear drum and one of the rails that mounts to the factory rear sight and goes back over the take-down button but I really dont want to have the rail on there, I want the clean look so I'm really leaning towards the first idea. As for front sights- IDK yet, still working on that but I'm thinking a FSB/gas block combo would work well and not need an additional attachment point to bugger up the look I'm trying so
  9. I wish the AA (Atkins Accelerator) stocks were still available for the 10/22, been wanting an SS' for a while, a local vendor that advertises on my local armslist has a bunch and I see the add EVERY SINGLE day back at the top so I really really want it lol but I cant drop the money for a toy. edit Sorry bout posting in an old thread, wasnt paying attention, slow night tonight...
  10. Happy b-day old man, lol. Are you handy with wood? Did you think about making your own to your specs? The glass would be hard to do (unless its just a decal) but clear or even smoked glass is no problem at all.
  11. This is on boxes of 20? I dont have one near me but walmart has brass .223 boxes of 20 American Eagle for 5.99
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