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  1. Scott/Chunga, Not sure exactly what you mean...The only screw i have in it now is the stopper screw at the far right end that is supposed to stop the rail when it has slid on far enough. I cant even get the mount really started onto the saiga's rail...
  2. here are the images of the rail and my saiga 223 mount. It seems like the tiny bottom lip on the Tufforce rail is catching on the middle/widest part of the saiga's mount. Maybe I am doing it wrong but I thought it should just slide on pretty easy.
  3. Having issues mounting my tufforce side rail to my 223 saiga.
  4. Ok friends, here is an issue I have. Hopefully you can help me out. I have a saiga 223. I recently bought a Tufforce AK double rail side mount MT-2AK12RS. I have tried installing it on my saiga for a few hours now and it just seems too small to slide on. It seems to be catching on the bottom side of the "t" the saiga mount has on it. The grooves just seem too small. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be more forceful with it? Or did i perhaps purchase the wrong item? I havent received a reply from Tufforce.com yet so I was wondering if any of you had any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks i
  5. Thanks gang! Yeah, after I did some more research I saw how crazy heavy the PRS was, so I think I will steer clear. Going to check out a few more stocks to make sure I get one I like functionally, asthetically, and is easy on my pocket. At least I know that it is "possible". Thanks again.
  6. Hi all, I've had my converted Saiga 223 for a couple months now and am wanting to add a different stock. I currently have a tapco AK stock on it but I really like the stocks MAGPUL is currently putting out. Does anyone know if you can install MAGPUL stocks on a Saiga without any issues or modifications? I am mainly interested in the UDR and PRS model stocks. On the MAGPUL website it says they are made for AR rifles and I emailed MAGPUL but havent heard back. Here are the links of the 2 stocks I really would like, but I just dont know if they will fit easily enough. Any advice or
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