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  1. No intention to SBR and although the Draco is definantly cool I am more after functionality, reliability and able to perform in a SHTF, survival type sceniero and both these guns seem to fit that bill for around $400. The more I read on the AMD I am finding out I can only use American made mags to keep it 922 compliant or I gotta change a few things on the gun to be able to use foreign 30rnd. AK mags and keep it 922r,, as bad as I hate too say it I'm not really diggin' the U.S made mag choices for the AMD if that's the case. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. KYREDNECK... they are really fun to shoot and are definately a CQB weapon. Don't relay on it for 100yd plus shots but close in you have rifle firepower in a compact 5.5lb package. Definately check out Guido's thread with the hot rodded Draco's. I liked all the great ideas the folks had come up with. I tweeked mine a bit. Humbly disagree. I used to have a Bulgy ak pistol. No problems at a 100yrds. Sold that before I knew what sbr was...stupid! Now I own a Arsenal Bulgarian factory sbr and have no problems hitting targets out to 300yrds (the stock helps a lot ) To the OP. If you
  3. DANG,,, NICE shootin'!!! Sometimes those Stars can be a PITA !!
  4. WOW,,, it seems everyone is happy with the Draco. Looks like I am headed back to the GS to pick one up today and wait on the AMD-65, as quick as the Dracos come in they dissappear off the shelf just as fast. They had 21 on hand yesterday that were already spoken for but a couple people had not come too claim them yet and were holding me one just in case.
  5. Used it first as always, still didn't find the answers I was looking for.
  6. I got rid of my AR's and am now loving the AK's which I always have but I guess the "Black Rifles" were what all my friends were doing and I joined right in,, so I have been bitten by the AK-47 Bug and still not all that familiar with them yet but learning as I go and ya'll are AWESOME folks!! So now I reckon I am already looking for another AK,, Centerfire has Hungarian AMD-65's on built FEG receivers by TGI for $399,,, REALLY NICE rifles than I looked over and saw a Romanian Draco AK pistol $349,, COOL I thought too myself !! But are they really a useful, reliable tool or are they more of
  7. OOOPS,, Your right,, I called back over there and they were 5.45 sitting next too the 7.62's,, see I"m a Noob!! I think I'm going with the Yugo mags, kinda like the idea of the last round bolt hold open on them. $15 each.
  8. I live in Lexington,,, Im in for a meet and greet!!
  9. GLOCK FOR SURE!!! But I like my Glock 31, 32 or the 33 all 357 Sig caliber but can also with a barrel change be a .40cal because they use the same mags or a 9mm with a barrel and mag change so you actually have 3 handguns in one and the 357 Sig is a bottleneck cartridge and IS the most reliable of all, or at least that's what the experts say.
  10. Yes it is for an AK-47,, They only have the Circle 21 mags ,Yugo mags and European mags in stock now,, any prefererence between these 3 choices? The 21's are firebrick red and brown. Everyone at the shop says the Bulgarian 21's are their choice but I wanted to ask the professionals first. Thanks for all the help fellas!
  11. Thanks for getting back with me, please put me down for 1 for my Draco when they come in. Thanks Again
  12. I am a Newbi that just bought his first AK,, done a search but still not sure and need your help. Exactly what is the difference between a Bulgarian circle 10 and a circle 21 mag ? I see that most people like or at least talk about it more that the circle 10 is better and are more expensive. I want to pick up a few extra but want the most reliable trouble free possible. My dealer has Bulgarian, Yugo, US-Palm, Korean, ect., ect., ect.,,,, I am sure this has been discussed before but I can't find it in the search engine.
  13. Talked to Magnus at Centerfire today because I am looking for one also. He said should be before the end of the month and that the 5.45X39's are starting too get VERY scarce and getting smaller shipments in each time. Put my name on the list for one and maybe two!!
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