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  1. Agreed... mine is not the correct spec either. Same with at least 3 other forum contributors' as well. As far as the origonal poster's qurstion, I am using a utg riser I got from amazon for $20 where I filed down the top bevel to fit.
  2. Excuse my ignorance but what added benefit does this part have over the oem part?
  3. Looking for some mag pouches... preferably kydex/plastic of the Bladetech variety for some 3 gunning... i.e. no flaps etc to slow down the reload. I wonder if saiga 12 ones would work...
  4. Hehe... yeah but if the other indians are just as good as you but have twice as many arrows then I need the same number of arrows. :-)
  5. Yeah... seriously... I am soooo itching to start giving my buddys with modded S12's a beat down during 3 gun matches! Somebody PLEASE get these to market soon!! I'm about ready to hack apart a 5 round mag and duct tape a saiga drum to the bottom!
  6. Yes... thank you for jumping on developing parts so quickly, Tony! Now if only you could get ths high cap mag makers to move as quickly... Any update on the rest of the parts?
  7. Pics? I'd be game for a full choke version as well.
  8. Clp for everything... clean soak and lube.
  9. I don't know if it would make a difference, but I hand cycled my gun 300 times before my first time shooting it... it cycled everything I had just fine... even birdshot and low recoil 00 buck. I see you did it 50 times. I wonder if the extra 250 times is what helped mine? I am not running the Tromix bushing, but I also was not rapid firing.
  10. I just ran it for the first time last night and fed it 90 rounds (see pic above)... Started with 2 3/4" 00 full power winchester for 40 rounds, then moved on to #7 1/2 birdshot 1200fps for 15 rounds, then #6 birdshot for 25 rounds. Everything fed fine. Then, just for the heck of it I put i some Hornady LOW RECOIL 00 buck 2 3/4" 1100 fps totally expecting it NOT to work given that I don't have a Tromix bushing...but 10 rounds went right through without any issues at all !!! I was completely surprised at that one. I ordered a whole mess of different low recoil birdshot and buckshot l
  11. So with the redesigned hammer can we use triggers like drop in timney or jewel triggers?
  12. What is the eta for the aluminum lower?
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