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  1. Mine is a socket cap actually. it's the one for the Tapco grip.
  2. Hi guys, had a quick question. What size hex head driver fits the grip bolt? Thanks
  3. I >think< Atlantic is a contributor site. That said I clicked, good luck.
  4. Thanks to all of you for reviving this thread. I've been mulling over the next rifle purchase and was thinking of going with the Ruger Scout but really wished it had been a semi rather than a bolt gun. I think the next one may be the S. .308 instead. I'm putting together a work bench and reloading station over the next year (instead of trying to build my own AKs, way to cost prohibitive) and look forward to tailoring a load for the shorter barrel in either weapon. It sounds like the .308 out of a 16" tube is suitable out to 500m with good loads and a bolt gun with longer barrel for fur
  5. Thanks again for the help and info. Haven't been home to review/reply.
  6. Assuming that "lending support" can be as little as calling 911 and waiting for help to arrive it would be anyone and everyone. If we're talking taking direct action (ie..physically interfering with or attempting to stop an assault) then the bar is raised quite a bit and would depend on whether I thought that persons life was in danger. See, I'm no spring chicken but I still have some fight left in me and enough chivalry to want to help. I also know from experience that some people ask for the shit they get. What if the "victim" is one of the Occupy people? What if that person happens
  7. Here in Ga. we don't have to have proof. But there are exceptions to that depending on circumstances.
  8. Thanks guys for all the info. As I expected there's more to it than I first thought. I'll be checking NODAK in a few minutes (cooking as I type). I think I'll stick to "home build" as it's likely to be easier to stay legal. Heck I can always open my shop, once completed, to friends that want to build their own. EDited to add: My spelling sucks. LOL And wow. NODAKSPUD rocks. Thanks again guys., now I have to plan out my work space and settle down to ordering tools and such. I'm slow so it'll be about 18+ months before I turn out my first rifle, but that's cool.
  9. So if I did, in the future, decide to sell, I'd need to get an FFL? or is there another license for manufacturing? So far, other than the usual jigs particular to the Ak I'l need a good basic shop setup with a shop press, vises, benches, drill press etc...
  10. Hi guys, had a couple of questions: 1) Has anyone dealt with Ak-builder? 2) Has anyone here tried to build an Ak from the receiver up? If so what kind of tools will be needed? (barrel press, jigs, How the heck do you bend a receiver flat?) I'm prepared for the process to be slow and reasonably difficult, it just looks like it would be both challenging and fun to do. Finally, if it does turn out to be fun and the challenges lessens over time, what are the legal ramifications of building rifles and receivers? A. As a hobby and B. to sell. What hoops would have to be jumped through t
  11. Makes me glad I live in GA. Here we have "stand you ground" laws. I don't even have to be in my home to use it either. Gutless mobs of crazy people. Some one above put it right though, shoot a couple and the rest will flee.... .....only problem is if they come back.
  12. Nobody missed anything. Everybody agrees the more training the better. We don't agree it should be a condition of issuing a CCW permit. This is exactly what I was trying to say. Thanks DogMan
  13. I have no problem with training, should be mandatory. Sure, let's start training requirements for voicing your opinion, blogging, refusing unreasonable searches, practicing religion Let's license churches and ministers, gotta meet the requirements ya know.), Oh and let us not forget that we should henceforth restrict the right to petion our government when we don't like what's going on above. After all, the government knows what's best right? Really, what p[art of "Shall not be infringed" don't you understand? But then I was raised with weapons of all sorts from the time I was 1
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