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  1. Sounds like it's running good so far ! I have to say this firearm is such a soft shooter from a standing position. It loves slugs, and so do I.
  2. My round count is approximately 1500-2000rds at this time. Firearm was purchased just under 1.5 years ago. Minus time spent on the warranty turn around time (just 2 days over 3 months), firearm has been in my possession about 15 months. Obviously I don't get to shoot it much.
  3. While firing low brass target loads yesterday, handguard bolt broke in half on gas block. Anybody know what threads these are because it looks like I'm going to have to drill out and re-tap. Not ideal but...
  4. I've ran several boxes of 3". Coincidentally mine had previously bent the rivets on the rear trunnion while firing a 3" shell (read back on thread for more info).
  5. 60 cents. I haven't shot them yet but here is the wear on my bolt already.
  6. Ran another 750 rounds of low brass since February's update. Running just fine post warranty repair, I gotta say. Falling back in love with the low brass price per round. I need to pick up 100 to 200 slugs and party soon.
  7. They have a steel shim around the lip of the mag. Mined just popped off at about 1000rds on oem mag. I've filed-to-fit my sgm mag and it runs pretty good. Probably 97-98% of the time no FTF. I feel I can do better but still, it's not bad. Perhaps if i apply superglue or JB weld to the oem metal shim, it will stay on mag? lol
  8. I put about 200-250 slugs and around 500 rounds of low brass through mine since last update. Nothing terribly concerning so far...really curious to see more. I guess I am a little spoiled coming from shooting a shitty glock and cheapo psa armalite...i'm almost regularly putting thousands of rounds through these firearms with zero issues or caveats. I hope everything works out because I'm not looking for a trailer queen. On a positive note, the gas system has been easy to maintain using automotive anti-seize. It's been 5+ years since I've owned a saiga. I never had any issues with it, though at that time I was almost exclusively shooting low brass ammunition. My .308 was nice too, but costed a lot to shoot. 5.56 pistols are fun for the money in my opinion. lol'ing at the guy who said he shot 5 rounds through his. Why?
  9. I did, and it ran fine on #2. Just sharing result.
  10. Mine wont cycle winchester super x 00 buckshot on gas setting 1. Been eating slugs though...been through 100-150 slugs since I received it back from warranty.
  11. That I failed to observe, however I will be on the lookout next time. I did run a walmart 100rd federal bulk pack of low brass on gas setting 2 and had zero failures of any kind. 100% success.
  12. Looks like you boys were right. It seems the Federal brass was over-sized (i'll measure them later) because I had zero failures to feed/jammed shells using winchester super X slugs. Did however have 3-5 failures to eject on them......any ideas how i might remedy this? Do any of yall run recoil buffers on your rigs/do you recommend them? https://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/BLACKJACK_BUFFER_AK47_SAIGA_AK_p/ak-buffer.htm
  13. Those rounds were really in there tight. They didn't simply fall right out. Required pushing/pulling/rocking shell up and down to free it from trunnion. brass lip was jammed
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