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  1. Just bringing this to the top. Only real update is I have everything for the conversion. I did manage to turn out a threading tap on my lathe for the barrel so I can make and thread my own muzzle device. I still need to mill the flutes into it and heat treat it. Also need to build a rivet press for the rear trunion rivets since the bolt cutter trick won't work. Been to busy with anything to really work on it accept in my head. OH, and thanks Evl I figure I'll have to carve something out of steel for the stock latch. you did save me time with the heads up though so again than
  2. You mean I didn't need to polish anything? I could have just thrown money away and bought a kit!!!!????? Geeze.. Now ya tell me..... Nice S12's in your tag line evl. 8 inchers? Rich
  3. I use brass but copper will work. The idea of the plug is to keep the weld from going through and causing a obstruction that will need to be cleaned out. When I was building the 80% GI uzi receivers I used a lot of brass plugs to keep from have to clean the inside of the receiver with a dremmel where it's hard to get the tool in. Worked like a charm. PS: once in a while the copper or brass plug will "braze" it's self to the metal. Not a big deal and can normally be cleaned up by hand with sand paper. Rich
  4. Should be a really easy job if you have a welder even more so since the barrel is out of the receiver. Just need either a tig or mig with gas. Tig would be the better option. Also since it's out of the gun about any shop can weld it up that handles gun work since they are not getting the receiver with it. Ya I noticed the vendor section is down members since the import embargo on the Saiga series. Also this forum went from bang'n posts everyu day to very little traffic. I guess the import halt has gone on long enough that everyone that wanted to modify their guns either has eit
  5. This showed up last week. Just have to figure out what stock I want I'm thinking the triangle stock. Also anyone have a diagram or detailed pix of how all the small parts go together? I want to use the stock latch also I know sometimes the don't line up or work right on the S12 I'll see about that. I have no idea when I'll even get to it I am so busy right now with orders and my day job. Also buying back a 1919a6 I sold to a friend 14 years ago. So anyways, anyone got a link or pix to how the trunnion gets assembled? Rich
  6. Now that ya got pix UP! I see what you mean by unconverted. I was under the impression that it was stock furniture with a quad rail and muzzle brake added. Ya you need to get that trigger moved forward ,that thing looks funky with the PG and stock on with everything else in import mode. Rich
  7. Quad rail and door breacher were added. everything else sound like the typical S12 19 inch gun. same gun I started my 12 inch build with marking wise. Who imported your gun? Mine is out of Tullytown PA. Same state I live in. So that is kinda kool. As far as what the numbers mean? I have no clue..... Others here eat breath and sleep the S12 and entire line of Saiga guns. Rich
  8. You meen the mount on the leftside of the reciever for the traditional AK opitcs mount? if so yes, but that will probably also disappear in a cloud of metal shavings. You can remove that side mount the right way and sell it. There were a number of guns imported to the USA that DID NOT have that side rail optic mount due to BATFE making some silly ruling. I don't know what it's worth but it's worth more as a part then a cloud of metal shavings. AS far as taking the sights off just be careful and go slow it will be fine what ever you put on it. Rich
  9. Thanks Distal. their sight says 12 inches OAL Gun Fun have you seen the price of the Salvo? that's what made me check into Distals can. I had thought's of doing a integrated can on my gun and making it 18.5 but like you I wanted it short but still retain the full power of a 12 G. When reading the SBS tech thread getting ready to chop mine I kept going back to the 12-14 inch tests the Coast Guard had on file. Also talked to my Brother in Law who is a Costie lifer and he did in fact confirm that the shotguns are all 14 inch. Didn't know about the study but he's got 3 years lef
  10. So how's the can sound with it? I checked them out. I like the price but not the length at 12 inches. that would bring me to 22 inches just in barrel with my 12 inch gun. Someone could avoid a extra stamp though with a S17 gun like yours with that perm. attached, and still maintain a decent OAL. Rich
  11. I'd be shooting for one single magazine style for all three if it were me and had no intention of selling. But then I'm a magaholic and kinda weird like that. Rich
  12. Found it for you. http://www.tromix.com/saiga-parts.html SGP75 Do-It-Yourself Trigger Guard Kit $45 This bolt-on kit allows you to relocate your trigger guard forward on your S-12 and also provides a threaded boss to mount your SAW pistol grip. includes integrated safety stop as well. (Not compatible with S-12’s equipped with automatic last round bolt hold open devices) If that's the trigger guard you have your idea is a no go. I'm not sure but I think this is his standard TG build accept he tigs it on. And it may just be the bolt that is in the way. Email tromix and ask.
  13. Remember too. I've been looking at front forearms for my SBS S12 and was checking over the tromix site yesterday. If you have his trigger gaurd or some such tromix only part the LRBHO you are looking at won't even work. ( you'll have to read over his site) You need to stick to the factory manual one. Or get a non tromix replacement guard and do the trial and error that Gun Fun says. I have two pre 89 AK's and am greatful to have the manual one that comes with the S12, it's better then what the norinco and poly tec AK's I have have. And that's NOTHING LOL. Rich PS: so far I'm ei
  14. Haven't tried it on 1 since I chopped it. As far and the 3 inchers are going on 2 I'm sure it will be fine on setting one. I only ran 3 of them out of it 6 total. When I get to private property where I can load more then 3 in the mag I'll give it a good workout. but it ran 3 of the federals and 3 of the Winchester wally world stuff today no problemo. I'm really hoping to just let the gun finish breaking it's self in now that it's running. No intention of not converting it. My goal is the pix with the triangle krink stock as seen above. But I wanted to have it run 1st that wa
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