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  1. Yeah if im not puffin on a Tatiana to save a little money ill definitely go for a Backwoods berry or mild, I think there a tasty low end cigar.
  2. If you like flavored cigars one of my favorites is the TATIANA, and if you dont feel like killing an hour they come in 3 different sizes. These are 3 of the best ones, i preffer the GROOVY BLUE Groovy Blue - Berries soaked in Vanilla, with Acacia Honey and Cognac Waking Dream - Vanilla Cream, Piedmont Hazelnuts and Single Maly Whiskey Night Cap - Vanilla over Marcona Almonds, Cafe Arabica and Criollo Cocoa http://www.tatianacigars.com
  3. Ive also heard of others having this same issue with alumalite and our situations were well before the second amendment scare, i honestly think they just dont pay much attention to costumer service.
  4. Anybody know were i can find .308 win/7.62x51 nato at a reasonable price?

    1. nlacy


      2011 and most of 2012. Maybe talk to Tacticool tim abt his reloads


    2. timy


      Uh oh. I said "If things go right I'll reload 200 rounds of 308." LOL.

  5. Uinta saiga. 308 mags? good stuff???

    1. Ruffian72


      As plastic goes. no problem. Couple have required a little emory cloth on internal walls.

    2. Dad2142Dad


      Good stuff, so are Csspecs

    3. Ruffian72


      Was a tester for Cssecs. Was going to mention, yet Unita was asked about. Had issues with other plastic mag makers. Got'm functioning, Unita and Csspec are dependable.

  6. Did Dorner deliver his message, what are your thoughts? supporter or condemner??

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. timy


      He was very confused. You're not supposed to go 'Postal' unless you work for the Postal Service.

    3. theorangeplanet


      Nothing in his life that he witnessed against him or anyone else, including his claims of racism and police brutality, warranted the murder of another person.

    4. magsite20
  7. I had a similar issue, i tried contacting them by email and phone several times to discuss a custom brake i wanted made for my .308, i called and emailed multiple times and never got any kind of response at all, i seriously questioned if they had went out of business or if there work was in such high demand and they were so busy they simply didnt have time for good customer service anymore lol i eventually got tired of it and decided to go with someone else for my brake work and happy i did, alumalite definately does some nice work but i think there over priced and that combined with there cus
  8. Finger lickin good, dam i love those curves, wtf commenting my own pics lol im mesmerized!
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