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  1. Great idea. Thanks for the how to info! glocklon
  2. The stamp is on the left side of the front trunion before the serial number, just like on my Russian PLO kits. VERY visiable. Looks like it was meant to be seen, deep normal stamp complete arrow with the fletching in the triangle. Jumped right out at me, because I have and have seen several Saigas and none of them had that stamped on the front trunion, only on the reciever. Maybe more are being shipped in this way? Thanks for the input guys. glocklon
  3. Thanks for the heads up on the 10 rounders!. My Saigas all have the logo on the reciever, but not on the front trunion like my friends .410 Saiga. Anyone else ever seen the arrow in the triangle on any Saiga front trunion? Maybe there are more floating around out there. Thanks, glocklon
  4. Okay. My buddy just bought a Saiga .410 yesterday at the gunshow. The gun shoots awesome! My question though is about the front trunion. His has the arrow in the triangle stamp on the front trunion. IS this normal for the Saiga .410 or any of the other Saigas? I have 2 Saiga 12 and they only have that marking on the reciever, and I have 2 Saiga .308, Still only marked on the reciever, and I have 2-7.62X.39 Saigas. All of my Saigas only have a serial number on the front trunion, no Arrow in the triangle. Just curious. I like the arrow in the triangle on the front trunion. Just a cool factor, my
  5. Send me a pm if you have any. Thanks glocklon
  6. Want to buy a Saiga top cover from a 7.62X.39 a .223 would probably work as well. Send me a pm if you have one. Thanks.
  7. I have a black Saiga forarm 7.62X.39 for sale or trade. $20 plus shipping or swap it for other AK stuff. Send me a pm if anyone is interested and what you have to swap. Thanks, glocklon
  8. I think I will pass on the Tapco, but thanks for the offer. I want a synthetic OD green warsaw length stock set for a stamped reciever like K-VAr offers, but hopefully at a better, used price. It does not have to be a complete set, I can by a piece here and there, if someone has maybe ony the handguards for example, or just a stock laying around. Thanks, glocklon
  9. It will fit. How much do you want shipped? PM sent.
  10. I got one off of a 7.62X.39. I am not sure if it will work for you though?
  11. Wanted to buy, green synthetic AK furniture. If anyone has the handguards, forarm, or warsaw length stock for sale, send me a pm. Thanks, glocklon
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