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  1. You know that if are fore fathers had AK 47 they would have used those instead of muskets . I imagine they would of loved to have a 249 Saw ...or a BarrettOr an MG42.......
  2. Eagle SS-12 (Sporting Shotgun), Freedom 12, AKAR-12 (Pronounced A-Car twelve), OMGFYEAHMURICA-12
  3. It's the form, but where the stamp would go is a digital image of a stamp behind the words up in that corner of the form. The approval signature is a digital copy as well.
  4. Got my approval email back with my digital form/stamp. I am not too crazy about the ol' print out approval. Has anyone here done eforms and requested a real form and stamp successfully?
  5. They had some issues for a few years with the epoxy they used on a portion of the trigger that was causing the issue. It was the safety not completely engaging due to epoxy. They did a recall and repaired the problems. There is a site you can put your rifles serial number into to see if it's from the affected timeframe.
  6. These are in no particular order. They are addresses shown to be associated with Pauly at some point or another. He's been a busy boy. I hope this helps somehow. Paul M Pawlowski, 36yrs old Parents: Mark and Audrey Addresses associated with Paul M Pawlowski: 5746 K St West Linn, OR 97068 1050 Sunnyview Rd Salem, OR 97301 1318 Meadowlawn Pl Molalla, OR 97038 Oregon City: 610 1st Ave Oregon City, OR 97045 102 Mcloughlin Blvd Unit 7 Oregon City, OR 97045 1503 Jackson St Oregon City, OR 97045 Portland: 2109 Irving St Unit 309 Portland, OR 9721
  7. Anyone doing investigative work that needs some possible addresses can PM me. I've got a bunch. Pauly, you are a nomadic little bastard, aint ya?
  8. Found this on their website to help identify which model to choose: The optical sights are designed for aimed shooting from hunting rifles as well as for observing objects of nature. Illumination of a reticle allows to aim in the twilight. There is a possibility of estimation of approximate distance to an object. The optical sights are equipped with a rangefinding reticle. There is a possibility of applying lateral corrections (with respect to wind, target movement) and angular corrections (with respect to distance to an object). Hermetically sealed. Filling with nitrogen protects op
  9. The customer was going to point out that something bad happened here, he just can't put his finger on it...... I guess he'll be giving 9 and a half reasons for gun safety from now on.
  10. Saving Private Ryan, We Were Soldiers, Gone In 60 Seconds (I love the chase scene driving Eleanor), Short Circuit (when #5 takes apart the dudes car), Goonies (at the pirate ship), Smokey and the Bandit, Pacific Rim, I could go on forever.....
  11. Someone better hurry and capitalize on the "HumpFire" stock!
  12. I don't think it will matter, you should be fine.
  13. I did a file for each section. Maint trust, schedule A, certification of trust, something else I can't remember, maybe exhibit A? I just named them what they were. Of course, my first eForm is still pending, hovering around 38 days, but we have had the holidays to slow everything down as well.
  14. Picked up a blemished DDLES 9mm dedicated lower receiver. I was gonna run a 9mm magwell insert, but found this for not too much more than the good inserts cost, plus it looks better. I put it together today, and I like it a lot!
  15. Rem 700 ADL .30-06, Nikon prostaff 3-9x40 glass, Leupold base and rings, Caldwell bipod. Currently looking for a replacement tactical stock in the $200 range.
  16. Some guy on arfcom did it by cutting down and rewelding a rear sight base. Looks sweet. http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_4_98/138195_my_mini_project__now_finished_.html
  17. Yeah, that's what I figured out at the end of doing that one. It just wasn't clear at the time being my first one. I have already sent in one more eForm for a 8.5" AR last week, and it's must easier the second time. On the mini, it's been roughly 31 days so hopefully it's close to being approved unless the Christmas holidays delay it with them taking vacations or something. I look forward to seeing what some of you guys come up with for wood options, I am happy with my Midwest Ind rail.
  18. There's one on there right now. They have some retarded pick and choose policies.
  19. I have quite a few weapons, and when I take them to the range or just storing at home in those cases (no kids at home) I use double rifle cases. Most of my cases look pretty similar and it can be hard to remember which boomsticks are in which cases. I came up with this to make it quicker to find the toy I want without rummaging through stuff like a mad man. I ordered military uniform sew on name tapes with the names of my toys on them. They cost around $5 each. They company was acuarmy online. They shipped them pretty fast. They just happened to be skinny enough to weave into the molle we
  20. Knock yourself out, I'm Building three AR pistols from black friday parts...... .223, .300BLK, and 9mm.
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