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  1. will this work on any akm? which model is it>? and hey ol buddy ulf get with me!!!!
  2. will the glock 19 mag fit the 17 also? its been shaved down for concealed carry?
  3. yeah i have 3 of them myself. they def are worth that for people in mass and ny! i just have been trying to sell mine very hard. good luck bro. you will get that price from the right buyer
  4. yeah same to you! im not much of a gambler and probably never will be but i felt lucky! yeah im starting another build tomorrow!!! i will buy some ammo and some more silver!@
  5. Hey guys i was just in Tn and saw an old friend from high school cashing in like 20 scratch offs that were all winners! She bought 1 ticket for 2$ and won 500$ so she bought the whole roll and won over 1000$. Anyways so i bought 10 for 20 bucks and won a free ticket and 500 on one also!! SWEET!! i just ordered a couple ak kits with the cash already! i never win anything but felt lucky!!!
  6. wow that is a amazing cabinet. pretty much looks like a homemade safe.
  7. FYI if anyone planning doing builds with the new 80% polish recievers get the rails from ak builder. It will make life so much easieri promise. I bought the reciever and rails at a gunshow and one rail had a stabilizer and one didn't. Needless to say thay_t it made things super screwy.
  8. Haha sounds like a plan send me your addy and you can keep her warm for me.. kinda like a jody if anyone knows what I'm refering too. Yea I wasn't going to keep it at first bc of the few dents and what not but when I shot it I changed my mind real quick. Lol. I say it gives it character! Its the original barrel and the other kit I have is a us barrel so I will build it for my buddy. I have all the tools now to build except spot welder which I will have when I get daone with this 3 month job in cali. Anyone need any build tools super cheap pm me and I will send you in the right direction. They
  9. Hey fellas I. Started and finished my first romy g build yesterday! A dedicated member of the akfiles helped me all the way through it.it took us about 10 hrs but was worth every second of it. I shot it today and it shoots like a dream. I'm so excited but I'm headed to california for the summer and won't have ti?e to do the paint until I get back. Anyways ill talk to you guys when I can. Have a great summer !
  10. yes i love my carbine also... i got it for free in a trade too so its the best investment i ever made! ha yeah there customer service is tha bomb!!~
  11. i haved had one of these wolf xp springs for awhile now and just havent installed it yet. when i do i will let you know. i also bought a 10 pack of the xp mag springs. dont ask me why bc they cost almost as much as new mags. ha
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