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  1. Yes the magwell version works in the Vepr.
  2. Just remove the puck and the plug and you have a single shot bolt action.
  3. Ordered mine Friday the 19th. Received shipping info yesterday the 23rd. Expected delivery is the 25th.
  4. Installing the safety was no picnic for me either until I egged the hole in the retaining plate. The CSS internal block didn't line up either so that was kind of a bitch. But by far the biggest pain in the ass was the lower GB pin. I had to beat the living fuck out of that thing to get it out.
  5. Hahaha! The old "I didn't mean to put it there" excuse. I use it all the time. Whoops.
  6. Couldn't agree more S12KS. Nice looking guns btw.
  7. JR, the Izzy 8s function in the Vepr 12s. Just an FYI in case you care. Funny how some people get a burr up their ass about certain things on this forum. Edited for spelling and trying not to start a shut show. Was just trying to help.
  8. Bcrider

    Saiga 12 FTF

    Does the trigger reset before you have a FTF? Sounds like it does if you hear a click. What FCG did you use when converting and did you make any mods to it?
  9. My bad. I thought they did. Rusmilitary website says they do.
  10. Guys on the Vepr 12 section gave us a heads up that Molot USA has Molot factory 8 rounders for those of you who run a factory magwell on your saigas. Thought I'd spread the good news.
  11. Distal, you are are a true philanthropist. Those are amazing.
  12. Bcrider


    In my limited experience, a properly gassed saiga will fire from the hip no problem whether you push against it or not. Mine does.
  13. Bcrider


    Long story short, the force of the recoil needed to cycle certain configurations doesn't properly transfer when the butt of the weapon isn't tucked tight against your shoulder. Like limp wristing certain handguns can lead to malfunction.
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