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  1. Interesting yet confusing thread.
  2. I just ordered 2 cans for $210 each. Not like the $140 I used to pay but they have them in stock. http://www.jgsales.com/
  3. frontier737

    5.45x39 ammo

    I just placed an order with Sportsmans Guide. $278.94 + 19.99 (shipping) = 298.93 and then I used the coupon code SPGGUNS12 for $25 off. It will be shipped the end of January. The price above is for 2160 rounds and reflects the "club membership" price.
  4. When I did my conversion I followed a series of videos from utube which were a great guide except for the bullet guide install. In the video he used an electric drill to run the tap. IMHO I wanted to do it different. Instead of 6-32 or 8-32 screw I went with a 10-32. After drilling the proper hole I ran the tap by hand using plenty of oil. I started to tap and after about 2 turns I unscrewed it and cleaned it. I continued till I was at the correct depth. The main thing is SLOW and plenty of oil.
  5. Check out "Military Arms Channel" on facebook and/or youtube. Search through videos for cleaning an AK. He suggests and I've been doing it is thoroughly douch with water to remove the salts from corrosive ammunition, dry with shop air, use wd40 to displace water, use a degreaser to remove the wd40 and then use Rem oil . That's the Reader's Digest version. Don't get hung up on cleaning it. After all your run of the mill insurgent fu*k uses water from a mud hole and motor oil.
  6. I placed a dot of red nail polish on the bottom of the tube so if I see the red dot after putting it on I know it's on wrong.
  7. I'm playing devil's advocate: Do you really need a muzzle brake on a 5.45 x 39?
  8. Thanks! If you go the Carolina Shooters Supply click "Forearms Handguards" , then click Saiga rifles then it lists 43 products. If you scroll down to the 21st item---is that it? Do I need the item above it too?
  9. Does anyone have this installed and able to take a pic ? SAIGA INTRAFUSE TRI-RAIL- BLACK SKU: BLK-TRIRAIL
  10. I have a (converted) Saiga 5.45 and I was given a handguard but I'm not sure if it was made for my rifle. I was hoping someone can measure the length of the upper and lower pieces and let me know if what I have will work. I attached a pic for reference. Mine measure: bottom 6 5/16" and the top 4 7/16" Thanks.
  11. VERY nice! Where do you buy the Vortex Strike Fire Red dot and how much?
  12. Glad it worked! For what it's worth I did not like the #6 screw, I felt it was too small. I drilled and tapped for a 10-32 screw.
  13. I just installed the Krebs safety and had a question. The install was very easy and functions normally but there is no resistance in the lever when moved up and down. Is that normal? Thanks for any info!
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