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  1. Thanks guys, Sorry for the late reply but between work and school I barely have time to think. Thanks for the beers Dave. Sorry I had to miss out on the shooting but the learning has to come first these days. Now if I can just get off work tonight and put down a few beers I will be golden.
  2. muerte

    Making and reloading .410 Brass

    Thanks for the info. I will have to give this a try.
  3. muerte

    Making and reloading .410 Brass

    Do you have any tips or tricks that you use for reloading the brass for a shotty?
  4. muerte

    Making and reloading .410 Brass

    Luckly I do have a single shot .410. I was only posting the Magtech brass info incase someone did want to use it and was saying it would be less expensive in the long run to make your brass and use it that way.
  5. I found this info online and thought I would share the wealth. Here are a few sights that talk about reloading brass shotgun shell casings and one that tells you how to make your own casings out of rifle cartridges. http://www.endtimesreport.com/410reloading.html This is some real good info http://site.mawebcenters.com/lolosportingg...gtechbrass.html Site about handloading Magtech brass. Hope this helps someone out but it has me debating on getting a Saiga .410 before the 12 just for reloading purposes. And since you can get some of the brass mentioned for around $30 per 100 rds it is better than getting the magtech brass.
  6. muerte

    Guage and Headspacing

    I see you got the same "Do something wrong and you go here" speech and old guy points at pic of Levenworth on wall speach I got when I went thru Armorers school on Ft. Campbell. Is it still 2 old guys 1 white and 1 black? And did you get the one about "Most of you will go to the funny farm" - well that one is true as I saw quite a few guys go to the looney bin over being a armorer. But don't fear as I did it for about 2 1/2 years without going to jail, losing anything or having any weapons blow up. And the headspacing thing you basically take the weapons to your MSB and they do it and sign a sheet and you go home. I never had one bad after all the rounds we fired in the time I was there. Good luck with the job.
  7. muerte

    Cobra, WTF with your Vepr stock'd S308?

    Your .308 is looking alot different than when we shot it way back when. She's all perty and shiny now... Hope it's still treating you well. I'll try to pull my head out of my ass and give ya a call sometime.
  8. muerte

    AGP 10 rd mag test results.

    What can I say about the 10 Round mags... They are real, I have held them loaded them and shot the shit out of them. They are a F-ing blast to shoot Me and Cobra shot about 100 rounds or so thru the 10 rounder and loved every minute of it. They were very well made and top notch. No sharp edges or anything sticking out to catch on clothing. I will let him tell yall all the little details but I have to say this did not help me with the "I need to wait to buy a Saiga" fight. For the first time I had ever shot a S-12 it was a treat to be able to test out the 10's. Oh an just cuz I have to "Na, na, na, na, na, na... I got to shoot em..."
  9. muerte

    filler for buttstock

    Thanks for the info G O B. I figured that may be why you had recommended silicone but was not sure.
  10. The promag 15 Rounder does not work well at all. Some guys could get it to work with just 10 rounds but that kinda defeats the purpose. It's either the 10's or the drum when it is ready.
  11. muerte

    filler for buttstock

    After reading this I thought of something I wanted to ask. If you used something like silicone that is still pretty flexible like what they use for movie masks and molds and kinda layered it with just a little lead shot wouldn't that help to dampen the recoil as well. I know the extra weight will help but wouldn't the silicone help to absorb some of the shock. Not sure if it would really help but wanted to check.
  12. Yeah I am pretty fond of mine and look forward to getting the ATI stock, Barrel Shroud and maybe even sending it off to tony for a Compensator. Get a few drums and some backup mags and you have a very inexpensive SD weapon. And I am sure the zombies would not like it either.
  13. muerte

    Christmas in September

    Congrats. Looks like a fine piece of machinery you got there...
  14. There is actually a guy on the Hi Point forum working on making and sellin the soumi drums welded to one of the mags for the 995. So far he has them right at about 90% reliable. So yes there is a hicap mag in the works.
  15. Hey guys, I know there was a thread here a few months back about the 995 and the ATI stock so figured you all would like to see what is up with them... All the pics I am going to post are either off of the Hi Point forum ( http://hipoint.7.forumer.com/ ) or off of the retailer that makes the part. Here is one of the guys on the forum's 995 with the stock, pistol grip and barrel shroud and the link to the thread where he was doing the grip installation: http://hipoint.7.forumer.com/viewtopic.php...710&start=0 This is the guys website who is making the shroud with some pics of a 995 with the shroud on at diffrent angles: http://www.nortje.com/products/995/shrouds.htm ATI is also going to be offering the 995 stock in Army Digital Camo, here is the post where they were asking what everyone likes and wants: http://hipoint.7.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=1270 Also on the topic where the guy was putting the barrel shroud on I plugged Tony and his shark brake and possibly getting something like that for the 995 with the shroud on. So far since posting the pic of the break within 15 min I had guys wanting one and getting me dimensions on the barrel. Personally I love my 995 and plan on getting the new stock and shroud, If it is possible I will get a brake as well just for badass looks. Mine has been very accurate and for a 9mm carbine guys on the forum have killed coyotes out to 100+ yards. Also of interest is Hi Point will be releasing a 45acp version of the carbine once their backorders are all filled and hopefully it will either have a new design of stock or ATI will be releasing one soon after. Hope you guys like the info.