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  1. I'll take 973 if it's available, I couldn't figure out how to search it. Do I get two more numbers?
  2. Blackjack

    Dented Brass?

    That would be me (Randy AKA Blackjack).....
  3. I have been trying to get Ultimak to produce hand guard rail systems for the S-12 for some time now, he is concerned that they are no longer being imported. He would consider further development if he knew the S-12 is still comming in to the US, anyone have some insight on this matter?
  4. I guarantee them for life, send it back to me and I'll replace it. If you need part of it trimmed I can do that also.
  5. My site is actually Blackjack Buffers
  6. Per my instructions, slightly bending the lever out or in will decrease or increase the tension, you will need to play with it a bit and find what works best for you. You also need to verify that the trigger block tab is properly sized and not binding during engagement and disengagement of the safety. I polish the top edge of the receiver and also the tit on the back of the lever with a dremmel tool and jewlers rouge to smooth things out even more and I have also put a 1" section of pvc heat shrink over some of my levers, this quites down the sound and also adds additional smoothness to th
  7. As far as I know there is no one at this time making a specific S12 handguard. There is although somone making a rail system that bolts to the stock rail sight system. It unfortunatly is no cheaper than an ultimak but looks pretty cool. Sorry I cant seem to find the link to it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> There are some CNC milled aluminum tri-rail lower handguards for the S-12 and S-20 that will be available in a few weeks.
  8. I also sell the G2 triggers...single,double and a modified double that will drop into a single receiver. I'll match any advertized price and take most major forms of payments.
  9. I just attached a short piece on rail to the side of my S-12 to mount my flashlight.
  10. Call me at 615-533-5430 during the day (7-5 pm cst) or leave a message on my office number answering machine. I return all calls but often it's late when I get in and won't let it ring more than a couple of times.
  11. I have 3 sets of the ACE Universial receiver block/pistol grip on hand and will substitute the "FAL" style grip with an ergo grip for an extra $5. I am also offering a free AK recoil buffer with any purchase of $50 or more. The code will be "freebuffer" and will be active starting tomorrow. (don't use " when entering the code)
  12. My everyday price on the Ultimak ACR2 lower Tri-rail is $198.00 + s/h, When the S-12 lower is ready I probably can offer a bit more discount if we can get a small group buy going (5-10). I also will be able to offer the 8 rd. mags Tapco is working onand most likely will be able to offer them at a better price. I am a distributor for RSA/Powercustom, Tapco, Ultimak, ACE, and can get most Leapers of NCstar items at near distributor pricing. There's a lot of companies that sell the same items and it won't hurt my feelings to ask me if I can meet or beat thier pricing.
  13. I stand corrected, $65 covers the receiver block and pistol grip only. My ACE products are 10% less than if ordering direct from ACE and I keep all 3 sizes of the AKFX tube stocks, the ARFX and ARFX-E stock, pig nose adapters, all three receiver blocks for the AK, folding mechanisms, butt pads, CAR stocks, trigger groups, pistol grips, forward grips and a bunch more on hand.
  14. I have 8 available, I'll deliver them to you for $10 and you can pay by Paypal, use my e-mail address.
  15. Yup that's just an off the shelf SKS vented gas tube cover. I've got a box load of SKS vented covers I never have gotten around to getting up on my web site that I'd sell for $5 ea.
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