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  1. is there an adapter where i can go back to wood furniture after cutting off the rear tang?
  2. Primary Arms ACSS 7.62x39 1-6x
  3. just bought Trax-1. i pick up my saiga next week and will do the conversion then ill post pics when im done
  4. haha no worries i haz thick skin If you can take a beating like this within your first couple hundred posts, you're a keeper round here. haha ive had worse on ar15.com and snipershide.
  5. ordering a CSS conversion kit using a internal block and pig nose adapter so i can install my XLR stock
  6. id leave the front gas block exposed or just trax-1 i wouldnt put side rails on it. i like it because its not bulky and sits flush with the receiver haha no worries i haz thick skin
  7. yea but it looks clean. i did send them an email.
  8. just picked up a saiga 7.62 and im interested in this handguard. does anyone have this? would this fit?
  9. its a gutted airsoft stock that i retrofitted to make the action/barrel drop right in just like any aftermarket dress up kits you see out there. full metal and plastic furniture. paid $360 for it.
  10. yea definitely a conversation starter. I'm using a Marlin 795. i tried the 10/22 and it didnt fit. action is too wide
  11. i dont have $5k for the real one. closest thing i can get to a replica. its licensed by Ohio Ordnance its funny seeing the older shooters come up to me to take a closer look at the gun
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