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  1. I just ordered one from Atlantic as well
  2. Max, I've had very good luck with Emotiva equipment, I'm running an XPA3 for my front stage and 2 UPA200s for surround duties, the amps have performed flawlessly. I also have a UMC-1 for a processor and while I had an issue with my 1st one it was replaced and this one works great, before the UMC1 I had an MMC1 which worked great as well. They are a small company located just south of Nashville, their customer service has been outstanding, I have visited them and they are all a great bunch of folks. The equipment is hard to beat for the price.
  3. I hear ya on Supply & Demand.... I ordered one from CSS about a month into my wait and was happy to pay a little more to get one quicker. I thought about canceling my order with Chaos but figured "why not go ahead and get it and maybe save someone the wait time" No big deal, I don't need the money, so if someone wants it it's here if not I'll have one down the road if I build another S12.
  4. TTT, I really thought someone would jump on this, that's the only reason I didn't cancel the order.....
  5. Sorry guys, not interested in any "low ball" offers, if no one here want's it I'll put in on e-bay and probably make money on it, if not it will go on the shelf for the next conversion. Thanks!
  6. No Sights, the HK style sights are available from Chaos for $99 here is the link to the rail $220 plus shipping
  7. SOLD! I just received a new Chaos Titan Rail system for the Saiga S12 that I ordered back in January. during the wait I purchased another quad rail so I will not be needing this one. If you want a Chaos Quad rail and don't want to wait 3 months here is your chance! it cost me $234.50 to my door, I'll let it go the the first "I'll take it" for the same price, shipped lower 48 (which means I'm actually paying shipping twice) same price as ordering one without the wait.
  8. I hid it on 3 shotguns this winter, used a dremel with a sanding drum.... sanded awhile, put the receiver in the blast cabinet and hit it with 120 grit aluminum oxide, had to sand a bit more and back to the blast cabinet, finished prepping the guns and applied Cerakote and there is no sign of the "velcro" left.
  9. Greg Those are Sweet! You are the man when it comes to offering the products no one else has! Jay at Fuglystick built mine just as I wanted but at the time there were not many options for the .410 Thanks for bringing all these great products to market !
  10. This is actually a Fuglystick forearm on my .410, I had this one built before Greg at CSS came out with his.
  11. Yes, it will fit the 12 ga. as well, you will need 1 of the stock adapters, here are a few options.... http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-346/Ace-Saiga-External-Block/Detail http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-372/Saiga-AK47-Internal-Stock/Detail http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-134/TROMIX-SAIGA-RECEIVER-BACK/Detail These are the same for the .410 or 12 ga.
  12. If you want to Cerakote it I'd be glad to help (even let you do it if you want) just the cost of materials and a 12 pak lol
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