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  1. Hello all, ....》》NON-BUSINESS MEMBER POSTING 《《....
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    If you have the correct tools, it's not very difficult. My first problem was using too small of a hammer. I bought a 4lb hand sledge that worked beautifully. I also bought a large brass door hinge, and used the pin as a brass drift punch. Oh yeah...I'm not sure if it was able to penetrate, but I hosed down the gas block with PB Blaster before whacking. Based upon my gun, just having unclogged ports doesn't mean squat. My 3 ports were only 1/16"...not nearly big enough. A couple other things I think may help...I used aerosol brake cleaner to clean off the PB Blaster. Then rubbed down with a towel. Before re-installing the gas block, I used some Emory cloth to "clean up" the unfinished part of the barrel that gets covered by the gas block. I also liberally applied gun oil to the inside diameter of the gas block to help get it back into position. For reassembly, I used a non-marring, nylon hammer to whack the gas block back into position. Worked GREAT. SB07, I'd recommend shooting your gun first. They haven't been imported in quite awhile now. It's entirely possible the gas ports have already been addressed. But if not, this really isn't a difficult job. Once I had all the tools assembled, it took me maybe an hour and a half, and that's with me cleaning parts, using a Birchwood Casey Finish pen on the sides of the gas block from the ill-fated shelf bracket attempt, and mostly smoking a big, fat stogie while I worked. (I'm not counting the good half hour whacking away at the shelf bracket, before I got the bigger hammer and brass punch.)
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    Today was a milestone for me, and I'd like to share some of my excitement. I got my Saiga 12 around 5 years ago. In all that time, it NEVER ran worth a crap. That was a particularly tumultuous period in my life...new job, child with special needs, divorce, etc. I tried a couple things, maybe putting 300 rounds through the gun since new. 100 rounds of 00 Buck to break it in...didn't help Recoil buffer...didn't help Re-profiled bolt...didn't help CSS Reliability kit...didn't help MD Arms V-plug...didn't help I knew of Jeff D's FTE thread, but could never seem to find the time to really tear into the Saiga because there was always something with a higher priority. I finally made the time last week, removing the gas block and enlarging my 3 gas ports. Today was the first time I took her to the range. Before I did, I re-installed the factory recoil spring, removed the buffer, and re-installed the factory gas plug. My wife and I hit the range with 50 rounds of 00 Buck and 50 rounds of #7 Federal birdshot. I set the plug at 1 and we tore into the buckshot. HOLY CRAP!!! The Saiga was a BEAST!!! I frickin' LOVED it. My wife is kind of petite. She normally shoots 20 gauge shotguns, but she was able to handle the S-12 as well. When we switched to the birdshot, I intentionally left the plug set at 1, just to see what would happen. I even told my wife to expect a lot of malfunctions, fully expecting to need to switch the plug to 2. I left it on 1 the whole time. For the most part, it cycled like a champ. I had 3 malfunctions, but they were all ammo related. We shot the Saiga so fast, it got hot. Hot enough in fact to deform 3 shells. I've attached a photo at the bottom. If I was shooting normally, instead of really pushing the gun to test its limits, I'm sure it would have been perfect. I'd just like to express my thanks to you all over the years. Even though it was a long time coming, I can finally say my Saiga is running the way I'd always hoped. What a machine! Thanks, Brad
  4. After 2 months, repeated unanswered emails, and a phone number that doesn't allow messages, I contacted my bank to stop payment. I realize that the Saiga 12 market has kind of died, but if MD is no longer in business, they shouldn't have a website that takes peoples' money. It's a shame. MD made some nice products.
  5. Well guys, I finally got around to attempting the gas port and gas block fix. First off, thanks so much for the excellent write up. It helped a lot. Like several of you guys, I had a heck of a time getting the gas block off. The pins weren't that bad, but using a shelf bracket and my ball peen hammer had no effect at all. When I read through every post, I found a couple nuggets of great info. First off, you need to use a big enough hammer. I went to Home Depot and snagged a 4lb blacksmith hammer. I also ran to the door aisle and grabbed a large brass door hinge. I scavenged the brass hinge pin to use as a drift punch. Worked like a charm. As for gas ports, I had three holes, and two were partially obstructed. The holes were also tiny...only 1/16 of an inch each. I stepped up to a 3/32" bit, which equates to the .093 I'd read a couple times as being the proper size for 3-hole guns. (I read to use 5/64 for 4-hole guns.) As for the gas block, I used a 3/8" bit to enlarge both holes. Then I used a Dremel grinding wheel to open up the hole for the gas ports. Reassembly wasn't too bad. I can now clearly see my enlarged gas ports. I'm really eager to see if this cures my FTE problems. Thanks again for all the advice gents!
  6. You shoot 500 to 1000 clays every time you go to the range? I'd love to see a video of someone shooting 970 out of 1000 clays in one trip.
  7. Does the TimberSmith set fit on the VEPR 7.62x39 with no modifications? Thanks, Brad
  8. I bought the SGM adapter and an RD adapter, but neither have arrived yet. I really want to try out the Canis as well, but they're back ordered at the moment. Thanks, Brad
  9. Hello all, I've just purchased my first VEPR and want to convert it to a more traditional appearance. I've noticed there are quite a few adapters made to cover the slant cut at the rear of the receiver. Which of them seem to have the best fit and finish in your experience? Thanks, Brad
  10. The stock Saiga gas tubes don't have the handguard retainers.
  11. Do you need to use those two tension springs when fitting this stock set to a Saiga? Thanks, Brad
  12. Dang, that's a sweet 20 gauge. I have no interest at all in a .410. I think I'm going to pass though. My wife didn't even like holding my S12. It's too heavy for her. I'm guessing a 20 isn't a whole lot lighter. Thanks, Brad
  13. Hello all, My wife is really starting to enjoy shotgunning. So far, I've purchased a Mossberg 500 and a Benelli Montefeltro for her in 20 gauge, and she's really becoming a good shot. She likes the look of my converted Saiga 12, but she's a little intimidated by 12 gauge, so I was thinking of converting a S20 for her. I've been looking, but the best price I've found so far is $599. Does anyone know of any better deals out there? Thanks, Brad
  14. I think I'll pass on the .410. While I wouldn't want to get shot with one, I just don't think a .410 is effective enough as a defensive weapon. I got her a 20 gauge Mossberg 500 awhile back, and she shoots the hell out of it. I just love my S12 so much, I thought I'd get her a Saiga too, but one she can tolerate a little better.
  15. I'd like to convert a Saiga 20 for my fiance. Hell, its hard enough just finding the gun in stock, let alone cool parts.
  16. CSS is still out of the sights I want, but I did add that KVAR handguard.
  17. Dang it! I just tried to order a set, but out of stock. Any idea when these will be available? Thanks, Brad
  18. Does the Timbersmith set have damage, or are you talking about the other parts?
  19. No, I haven't fired it yet. I'm gonna strip out the bolt and FCG and send it off to Pauly for polishing first. The trigger guard doesn't have any markings on it, so I don't know who makes it. But it's riveted on instead of screws. The color is a bit gray compared to the rest of the gun. Seems really sturdy. That's the one. http://store.carolin...SAIGA-12/Detail
  20. Hello all, I'm a new Saiga owner. I got my S12 already converted from Classic Arms. It took 3 weeks to get the weapon, after they told me they were in stock and ready to go. But that's old news now. Here's my shotgun as I presently have it configured: First off, I straightened the pistol grip. It was put on crooked, but it only took a couple minutes to put it on straight and Loctite it down. The grip feels really nice. The gun originally came with a Warsaw-length Tapco stock, but that was way too small for me. (I'm not that big a guy...6'1", 200 lbs...) I added a NATO-length KVar stock and added a recoil reducing buttpad. The length of pull is perfect for me now. I also added a flash hider and V-Plug, as well as bought a few mags. There are a couple more things I'm going to upgrade before I'm "through". I'm definitely going to have my bolt polished, hopefully I'll find a few spare minutes to get the parts shipped off this week. I'm also definitely going to add a Krebs enhanced safety lever. I have one on my MAK-90, and it's a vast improvement. I'm very interested in better sights. I'm currently leaning towards the CSS Tactical set. Anyone use these? Any other recommendations? http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-921/CSS-TACTICAL-SAIGA-12/Detail Lastly, I'm thinking about possibly switching the handguard to this unit: http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-649/KVAR-SAIGA-12-HAND/Detail It's gotten some good reviews, but I'm still not 100% sure... I've also considered a new puck, but I'm not sure if that would really be worth it. Are there any "must-have" mods that you all think might be a good idea? Thanks, Brad
  21. The BHO hole is still there. I'm gonna call them and ask for the BHO and spring. I may not use it. But I'd like the option. I just ordered some parts from CSS today. The stock is a Warsaw length Tapco, which is just too small for me. I ordered the KVar NATO stock. That should help considerably.
  22. Thanks. It seems like folks like it. I think it looks like a pretty cool addition.
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