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  1. Just realized I'm not supposed to post ads on this site unless I am a contributor, and I was posting in the wrong place anyway. Don't want to get in trouble or chance anything so I deleted it, don't know how to delete the thread/ topic though, sorry in advance everyone!
  2. I here ya Bob, prolly a little to early to tell, I think I'm going to buy one after my saiga build to find out myself. But that'll be a little while I really love the features of the akdal such as the similar to m-16 ergonomics, the forward set, non recipricating charging handle from firebird precision arms, and the LRBHO! Idk, I guess only time will tell how awesome the akdal will become! It definetely needs someone to produce drums too!! Maybe a beta style mag
  3. Thanks Topmaul, Gunfun, Jasper, Tony and Litlratt1 for the open mind!!
  4. Thanks Mr. Rumore for giving us your opinion! I too would love to see american manufacturers producing magazine fed shotguns, but I don't see it in our near future unless a start up company who realizes how vital this weapon would be comes into the works. Great point of why the big mfgs have started producing them and makes sense now that I think about it, just sucks for us .. Do you think that a company like yours or the other guys like red jacket, or lonestar arms that currently overhaul saigas will ever build, from the ground up, or bring in the manufacture of a new, american made, magazin
  5. Thanks for your thoughts so far guys, even the very bias saiga comments which I can only expect lol.. You're bringing up some great points helping form my opinion as well as others. I really would LOVE to here from you who have shot/owned both of these guns, so if this applies to you, PLEASE leave a comment. Hopefully Tony, the guys from firebird precision arms, or any of the others who have shot/manufactured parts for and customized these guns will give us their 2 cents as they would be the most suitable to answer this question. This is the first thread I've started and did not realize how fa
  6. Okay guys and gals, I am currently building my first saiga and I cannot stress how much I am loving my magazine fed 12 gauge semi-auto!! A twelve gauge AK... What!? None of my friends understand what I'm talking about untill they fire it in person Anyways to get to the subject matter, I have been wondering, out of the box, which shotgun is the one to go with?? For those of you who have owned a saiga and MKA, which one shoots better/ more reliably and has less problems from the start? I know that the quality control from Russia is definetely not the greatest, so is the Turkish shoti manufactur
  7. For any more questions concerning firearms laws in Virginia, check out his link and it should answer most of your questions: http://www.vsp.state.va.us/Firearms.shtm
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