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  1. Yea I realized that it said RPK stuff after I posted this.. been a stressful past couple months. I apologized after he finally emailed me back. Back into waiting mode lol
  2. I havent gotten mine yet and was curious if anyone has gotten theirs yet? I ordered mine back in November and when I went to his site about a month ago I saw this message: "20.05.13 - ALL RPK hardware (including complete sets of RPK folding buttstocks and furniture) reserved by customers earlier have arrived and ALL orders have been shipped ! (Pls e-mail if you have not received tracking info ??) VEPR-12 folding butts & HG will follow shortly.. Lower handguards, on its own, will be available in 10 days as we are expecting special order to come in.." Since I had not received my trac
  3. In an email Oleg said he will be selling the grips separately later on. Hes able to offer the stock by itself by splitting up the package and doing just that. Shoot him an email!
  4. Going to have to agree with you on that one mpoppel. Plus its oem stuff and always seems to flow better with the overall look. Granted its pricey but id rather pay more and get exactly what I want than to compromise and be left regretting.
  5. I didnt even care about the grips so idk which ones they are. I havent been charged yet and he said they wont be available until late December if we're lucky. Dont try to click the buy link on the funiture page - go to the eta future stock page and its the last two links. WildBill - the reason the currency conversion is different is because the price that is listed on his site is in British Pounds that already includes the 20% VAT tax. Therefore he takes that 20% back off for non EU customers. Direct from this site: In order to calculate the price without 20% tax, price has to be devided b
  6. IIRC it was $360 USD for complete RPK74 trunnion and skeleton stock or $425 USD for stock/trunnion/pistol grip/foregrips
  7. pretty much.. and thats why I already ordered a folding stock with complete folding trunnion from Oleg. If I cant buy one pre-assembled from Molot then damnit ill order the parts I need to make one lol
  8. IDK who else will carry them but when I emailed Wolf they said they dont have an ETA except next year sometime and they wont be doing preorder for them either.
  9. Good point. I never thought of it like that. Ill probably still end up replacing it with an aluminum one eventually anyways thanks to mine having a slight cant to it :-/
  10. When I first got my Vepr 12 I thought the top rail was just polymer by itself. But I decided to cut a chunk of it off to install a new rear sight and found out its reinforced with steel! Makes me feel a *little* better about it lol and onto the pics and the new rear sight! it doesnt sit perfectly flat so I have to modify it slightly but ill post pics when im done.
  11. if this has the rpk trunnion with the hardware in it then count me in! lol my first vepr will be going away if this is true Edit. just sent em an email and ill post what they reply with. edit again: Im willing to bet it the same gun as seen here except with the 18.5" barrel. Thoughts? http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/76770-vepr-12-shorty-at-molot/
  12. I modded an AGP mag today as well. I made a plate so the LRBHO functions 100%. Ill post pics tomorrow
  13. My guess is they used one with the bulgarian 24x1.5mm threads and re-threaded the barrel for that when they reassembled. Also I cant tell if it has the insert inside or not.
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