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  1. I have for sale a MD Arms Saiga-12 20rd drum that's never been used and a SGM Tactical 10rd magazine [not pictured] that's never been used. Will ship ONLY to non-commie states. Paypal or postal money order accepted. Drum: $100 shipped Magazine: $25 shipped
  2. I know a pinhole AR sight wouldn't work, but they do make larger AR sights that could work.
  3. I currently have the Krebs sights and saw CSS now has a small weaver rail that goes in place of the rear sight. Has anyone used the weaver rail with an AR style rear sight and the Krebs front sight? I want to know if they would line up before spending money on the rail. Krebs sight http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/krebs-s12sights.htm CSS weaver rail http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/css-short-s12-sightrail.htm
  4. Search warrants that were executed after the shooting have been released and can be seen here: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/adam-lanza-newtown-search-warrants-released-131056789.html If you scroll through the pdf file on the page, you can see the list of items found from the home. Several S12 related items are listed. I'm not going to say what weapon he used in the shooting, just pointing out what was found.
  5. I think a 30rd double drum would work. 15rd per side, like how the AR15 drums are.
  6. Expert Outfitters in North Lima, Ohio. Google the name and their website comes up. Same place where I bought the S12.
  7. Tapco telescoping stock and SAW pistol grip. Tromix trigger guard. Tapco trigger group. V-Plug. CSS gas puck. Tromix oversized charging handle. Magpul angled vertical grip. JTE power hammer spring. 10-slot flash suppressor. Krebs Ghostring sights. Tapco Intrafuse handguard.
  8. I just got my S12 back from the gunsmith today. I wanted a professional to convert it as I did not have the proper tools or know how to do it myself. The gunsmith was very reasonable on the conversion, only charged $160 for everything. Parts CSS Conversion #2 kit: Tapco stock and SAW grip, Tromix trigger guard, Tapco trigger group. CSS Low brass reliability kit [minus spring, will break in with factory spring]. Tromix oversized charging handle. Magpul angled vertical grip. JTE power hammer spring. 10-slot flash suppressor. Krebs Ghostring sights. Intrafuse handguard. Can't
  9. I've been doing some searching but haven't found what I was looking for concerning the v-plug. I know on the stock plug, you use setting 1 for high brass ammo [slugs and 00 buckshot] and setting 2 for the lighter loads. On the v-plug, what is considered the "setting 1" and "setting 2"? What setting should I use for the following ammo in 2 3/4 size: Slugs 00 Buckshot 000 Buckshot Wal-mart bulk birdshot
  10. Newbie question on ammo. How do I tell the difference between light loads and heavy load shells? Like buck shot vs. bird shot vs. slugs and other types of rounds.
  11. Thanks for the pictures. I bought the Kreb sights for mine.
  12. I bought some conversion parts from Carolina Shooter Supply. Before I ordered, I did read up on the 922r compliance. The one part that confuses me on if I swap something out or add something, how does that affect the compliance count? I'm also in Ohio if that changes anything. So starting with a bone stock S12, here are the parts I bought so far. Conversion Kit #2: Tapco stock and pistol grip, Tapco trigger group, Tromix trigger guard. Low brass reliability group. JTE performance hammer spring. Flash suppressor. 12rd magazine. Future purchases will include a new handguard with a pi
  13. How do the Krebs sights attach to the gun?
  14. Hi, new to the forum. I just got my S12 a week ago and already bought a CSS conversion kit for it! Now I'm looking at getting some better iron sights for it. Please post pictures of your sights, where you bought them, and how they attach [weld on, picatinny rail etc]. And if possible, can you post a picture of what the sights look like when aiming through them. Thanks!
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