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  1. Why does it need an adapter for a stock tube? Adapt from what?
  2. It is a pretty fair brake but is sharp and will cut you and yours if not careful. Snags on everything. Here is mine now.
  3. I have the Firebird original big round one. It does what it is supposed to do. Was easy and quick to install. I think the T&N one looks better (tacti-cool what ever!), but I have no experience with it. The big round Firebird works great with gloves or the palm of your hand. You could drop a mag with your forehead if the need arose.
  4. Clean (wipe) the lube out of the threads. Shoot several rounds with the choke out. Screw the choke in tight, yes tight, while the barrel is hot. Reverse process to remove the choke or use a heat gun for both.
  5. When folded it makes the stock end too thick to fit in a short case which was why I did it in the first place. Case will not zip closed.
  6. I think those early 1919's will be very valuable one day to someone who has a collection of out of spec optics and mounts. :-)
  7. I think I read that Humpty Dumpty and an opinion on this "Break" question, but I am not going to believe him until I see some real test data on YosaTube. Someone needs to set up a test rig that can be empirically measured with no human touching the weapon. Ain't happened yet, so I am reserving my opinion until it does. A simple hanging sling with a soft "human like" back stop, high speed video cameras and three dimensional reference boards should do it. The trigger is easy, but then someone will want to test the remotes for consistency. Ya just cain't win! No, this was not a suggestion for a new TV show on the History Channel, but "Gimme A Break" wouldn't be a bad name for it. Or, Take A Brake. I Need A Break. Break Out or In. Does Your Insurance Give You A Discount For Your Breaks? Bad Break Job's and How To Fix Um. Wow, I should live closer to Hollyrude!
  8. Beautiful! How much does it weigh?
  9. I didn't remove mine and had no problem with a clean cut.
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