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  1. id rather get a sbs built with what i want, plus im really not in the market for a sbs atm. plus you have to add another 200 for the stamp.
  2. i was at the local gun show this weekend. 1000 tables. so it was pretty big. i was on the hunt for conversion stuff. didnt find much of anything to be honest. i saw a total of 7 saiga 12s. no 24" barrels, s20's or s410s. of those 7, only two were converted. one was a tromix sbs for $3250. the other was a fcg/pg/stock only conversion for $1000. the unconverted s12's went from a low of $599 to a high of $749. i really wanted to see an akdal mka 1919 but no dice.
  3. like Gunfun said, the future state of this thread. in my search both here and on the interweb, theres no encompassing FCG thread that people can debate, advocate or question the various aspects of the many FCGs available for a converted S12. hopefully this thread can develop into one that covers those bases, and can be used as a reference for new S12 owners looking for a conversion or established S12 users looking to help out or discuss their experiences with the various FCG's.
  4. Im still trying to figure out what the heck I am looking for in a conversion, and theres no real all encompassing FCG topic/comparison. What are the benefits, advantages, disadvantages etc to your favorite? What is it you are looking for in feel, performance, and function when you are choosing your FCG? I tried to start a poll, but something got lost and it didn't come out, so I'll post the FCG's I've been able to find on the interweb: Factory FCG Tromix Modified G2 Single Hook Trigger Kit TAPCO Double Hook G2 FCG TAPCO Single Hook G2 FCG Arsenal single stage tri
  5. looking forward to seeing it built up. hope you keep this thread updated..
  6. pauly, those carriers are freakin pron!
  7. freaking awesome!!! does the railed dustcover some standard on the vepr?
  8. let me preface this post by stating im a s12 noob, but a s12 junkie already! im looking at my first conversion and was looking at the tws dog leg for a nice low dust cover integrated rail. the only way i can see it mounting is on the/an ak style leaf sight block. which brings about the need for the dinzag mod. or maybe im wrong?
  9. im starting my conversion soon. sounds interesting...
  10. very nice. how do the tapco parts feel? solid or plasticky? ps: fuck yeah on the fnh p90!!!! im looking at a fnh 57 right now, and the ps90 will be next after that.
  11. I've fired quite a few 3" slugs out of a 6/30/11 manufacture S12 with no extras and had no issues. it was even el cheapo brand ammo. ive fired about 250 rounds of high brass, low brass, el cheapo, buck, slugs and target load and everything in between in both 3" and 2 3/4" and had absolutely no issues with cycling with any of it.
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