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  1. I just installed an I.O Inc gas block/front sight and it cycles perfectly. Although you will have to plug the old barrel port and drill a new one since the original and the I.O Inc don't line up.
  2. I am thinking of getting into an SBR. I have a saiga. 223 and I want to SBR it but I do not see many saiga SBR's. Is the saiga for some reason not a good candidate to SBR? I know the Draco route is the easiest but I want a .223. Thanx, Wolfhound
  3. Is the bolt carrier of the .410 the exact same as the x39 bolt carrier? I know the bolt is different but didn't know about the carrier. Thanx
  4. I want my bolt carrier to shine. How can I remove the carrier finish and polish it up? Thanx, Wolfhound
  5. I found what I was looking for thanx.
  6. I am wanting to get a back up bolt for my Saiga 7.62x39. Does anyone sell saiga bolts or will any ak47 bolt work? Thanx
  7. I am planning to doing a setup very similar to a Krebs KTR 03S. So removing the RSB is required. Hey Superhawk, did you change out your RSB on your .410 yourself or send it out to be done?
  8. Is the a tutorial anywhere about how to remove the front gas block and rear sight block? I am working on my conversion and need some insight before I start.
  9. I tried something different and used locktite brand epoxy to fill in the holes, instead of nylon plugs. I put tape on the inside of the receiver, filled the holes then sanded and painted. That stuff worked awesome and blends seamlessly with the receiver. Can't wait for range.
  10. I want to convert 1 of my x39's to look just like the AK that VEPR545 has here. Looking at the the picture the rear sight block is gone and a very small replacement now holds that end of the gas tube. Is this possible with the Saiga? How difficult is the work? Where would I get the replacement for the sight block? and where do I find a gas tube long enough? Thanks, Wolfhound
  11. No power tool necessary. I took my flat metal file and started filing, using the edge of the file, right where the trigger guard bends between the two holes. 30 seconds and get about half way through the metal and just bend it. It will snap off clean. No dremel needed for the entire conversion.
  12. wolfhound

    tromix folder

    I am wanting to change out my Tapco telescoping stock for a Tromix folder. What does it take to get the job done?
  13. wolfhound

    tromix folder

    I am wanting to change out my Tapco telescoping stock for a Tromix folder. What does it take to get the job done?
  14. Tromix originally converted my S-12 with Halo. I am wanting to go to a Galil handguard and HK sights. I know Tony is way backed up and I am anxious to get it moving, so who would be the next best available option to do the work? Thanks for the help.
  15. Are you looking for an underfolder or side folder? side folder but i am flexible thanks
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