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  1. Nice, nyclu3... Those are some real nice looking stocks. Where'd you manage to find them? Did you have to do any cutting or sanding to get it to fit? I think I'll just go with a thumbhole stock and be done with it as suggested. I just want to make sure that no one confuses the thumbhole for a pistol grip... would prefer not to stretch the definition of "thumbhole". Let me know if you can!
  2. Thanks, Shooter. The specific verbage I was looking at was: Assault Weapons do not include: A semiautomatic shotgun that cannot hold more than five rounds of ammunition in a fixed or detachable magazine. Also, would the Saiganov type thumbhole stock still be considered a thumbhole? Or is that stretching it? Maybe something more like the Norinco MAK-90?
  3. Hello everyone, new here. As you're probably already aware, NY fire arm laws are a little vague and hard to follow. I recently bought a Saiga 12 gauge. I would ideally like to have a pistol grip or thumbhole grip. For NYS purposes, is a thumbhole grip (either one similar to the Saiganov or one like the MAK-90) considered the same thing as a pistol grip and hence "evil"? Second of all, if you don't have a magazine greater than 5 rounds, does it even matter if you have a pistol grip? I know that semi-autos that "cannot accept a magazine greater than 5 rounds" is exempt from AWB. Would th
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