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  1. Great thanks. I found some Tapco mags this afternoon and of course they won't snap in. I was wondering which way to go mag catch or the mags. It doesn't look like it will take much. On the steel ones if I file the catch so they fit will the tapco and saiga mags still work?? You were editing while I was typing. I am staying in the 922a requirments. thanks
  2. I have a couple of Saiga mags and they work great. Now the problem is how do you make AK mags work with the Saiga? I know I need a bullet guide. The problem is the mag reliese. Should I take a little off the magazines or alter the mag reliece on the rifle? What ever I do I would like to be able to use the Saiga mags or the AK mags interchangably. thanks for the help
  3. Thanks guys. I got the stock yesterday in the mail. Looks great. Hope the one attachment point works out well. Sounds like it does. Goin to do the conversion this evening.
  4. Thanks guys. Yes the stock isn't adjustable for length but it folds and I like the adjustable cheek rest. I would like to find the length of the stock though. I'm sure it's on a site somewhere. I was wondering how the fit in the Saiga and how you liked them. I am "assuming" since they are made and used in Israel theyvshould be good to go but thought I would ask. Thanks
  5. http://www.nokick.com/AK_47_74_Folding_Butt_Stock_w_Cheek_Riser_p/mako%20uas-akp.htm Has anyone used this stock on their Saiga ak? Just wondering how they hol up over time? Also how do youvlike it? Thanks
  6. Yeah that's for sure. Sure gave me the impression something was holding it back. Well the good news is it won't move while firing the rifle for sure. LOL
  7. Again thanks. Went to the shop and took the bolt and carrier out. I took a tack hammer and a piece of plastic rod and started to smack it "reasonably lightly" nope no go. I then decided to give it a healthy smack. Yep popped that sucker loose. Now for the TWS. Yes it stays on but... the pin that holds the TWS onto the rear sight support is a bit long. You have to be sure the lever will pass the pin. It will you just have to make sure the pin is all the way in so the lever will pass. That lever is tight all the way to vertical. Anyway I got it apart so I could clean that area up a bit
  8. Yep, i've had that brain fart before! "SOB why wont this thing come up....SOB, the bolt carrier is still in place.....DOH you SOB!" Ok I take the bolt carrier out, but the TWS can stay on right?
  9. Thanks, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't goin to break it. I wanted to make sure there wasn't something that had to be removed before I move the lever. Thanks
  10. Don't remember seeing a cleaning kit. I probably got one but I use the stuff I use for my other stuff. Anyway I know I had it off once but not exactly sure how I did it. I thought I just moved the lever and it came out. Idono Ok it sounds like it takes a lot of push to get it to move. I was afraid there was something I had to do first. Ok I have to take the bolt out first? I have a Texas Weapons Systems cover on it. Does that have to come off??? I don't see anything in the way and I don't feel anything rubbing on it.
  11. I quit because I was afraid if I kept goin I would break the lever arm or something. Anyway should the gas tube cover latch be able to be rotated without doing anything else to the rifle? In other words does anything else have to be removed before you try to rotate the latch to the gas tube? This thing is tight. Next step it to use a dowel with hammer to try to move it by tapping it. thanks
  12. I saw a video on this stock and it "seems" like a nice folder. Anyone have any exp with it? thanks
  13. Hey Callo Nice rifles. Ok I'm new so don't laugh to hard but I see something a bit different than I have seen before. On the last pict the charging handle is on the left side. Mine and the other rifles are on the right. What am I missing here? LOL
  14. Trying to get things together for my conversion. I am thinking about a folding stock. I don't want the stock to be to thick and I want it to fold to the left side of the Saiga. Any suggestions as to a good setup? Something that is tight with little movement in the folding action. thanks thumbs1
  15. thumbs1

    223or 545

    TJohn Brain freeze I guess yes 5.56. I changed it thanks. Ok so to be the most versitial and have the greatest availability of ammo I should go with the 223. That way I can shoot .223 or 5.56. So I'll start lookin for a .223. Thanks guys Hey anyone know why I am not gettin notifications when I get responces to my posts?
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