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  1. Hi Jerrad! I asked our tech a little bit about this part. He said the threading should be 24x1.5mm right hand threads. It should work just fine with the 90 degree ports, and this part is build to work with 7.62, 5.45, and 5.56 firearms, so you shouldn't have any problems with your barrel. If you have any additional questions, I recommend contacting our tech directly. His e-mail is sales@k-var.com and his phone is 702-364-8880 x3. Thanks! Michelle K-Var Corp Customer Service customerservice@k-var.com(702) 364-8880 x2
  2. Christmas Layaway!! Have you had your eye on those SLR-101 rifles? Or one of those Saiga 12 shotguns? Here at K-Var Corp., we understand that times are hard and paying for those big ticket items in one payment is a little hard. We’ve heard your requests, and now we have it! K-Var Corp is excited to announce our Christmas Layaway program! How does it work? All you need to do is call one of our helpful staff members at K-Var Corp. and let us know that you’d like to take advantage of our new layaway program. We’ll take care of the details! What are the rules? All layaway orders requ
  3. Hi! I checked with several of the employees that have been here the longest and I was told that we never carried a sling like that. I asked if we would be getting anything similar in the future, but the answer was no. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful! ~Michelle customerservice@k-var.com
  4. Hi guys! Just wanted to add my two cents to this thread =) We wrote that we were re-introducing the line because of two reasons. First, we have been out of the SGL12 conversions for quite a while. We've been carring the IZ-109 12 gauge sporting rifles, but nothing that has been converted in any way. Second, this is the first time we've carried the SGL12s with the pistol grip conversion. If you look at our website, you can still see lots of pictures of them without the pistol grips. We're still working on that =) So it really is sort of a re-introduction for us! Plus, I wrote that
  5. Hi Strider12! I saw on another forum that you weren't interested in these magazines because you thought the pricing was high. I'm sorry you feel the prices on the magazines are high. Unfortunately, we have to deal with the currency exchange rate (which isn't good for us right now) and fuel prices when we get these magazines. All products from Bulgaria are flown in to us, and we have to pay Euros. I try my best to save you guys as much as I can in shipping UPS and USPS to make up for it, but the rising fuel costs are making a difference there as well. Out of curiousity, is there any ot
  6. We aren't able to get them. We've tried. Those ones are for factory use only. But the slotted ones work just as well. Hope that helps! ~Michelle
  7. Hi guys! We were told that the Bulgarian factory had to shut down for a little while due to extremely cold temperatures. From what we have heard, there were times that the factory reached -20 degrees. Yikes! So, all SLR firearms have been delayed. We're projecting to have them here in March. I will give you updates as soon as I get them. Thanks! Michelle K-Var Corp Customer Service (702) 364-8880 x2 customersrevice@k-var.com
  8. Direct contact with our customers is definitely one of the biggest changes we made in the last few months. Elliot and I spend a lot of time returning phone calls and emails. We check the forums as often as we can and reply to everything we can. And if there's ever anything you want answered that we didn't get to, e-mail us! =) ~Michelle customerservice@k-var.com Elliot in sales elliot.milmeister@k-var.com and Elias our tech sales@k-var.com
  9. Orders as small as those would ship for around $3. If you place an order that small, I'm pretty good about catching it and changing the shipping to something cheaper (and often faster!) than UPS. But I'm human, and I make errors! So it's always a good idea to write a note to me during the checkout process to really draw my attention to it. ~Michelle customerservice@k-var.com
  10. I may get in trouble for posting this before our official announcement, but I really wanted to jump on here and share this with you guys. I just held one of the new Veprs we just got in stock!!! They're a lot heavier than I thought they were going to be, and the wood furniture is just gorgeous =) =) Can't wait til we can get some offical pics for you. You're going to love them! ~Michelle
  11. Hello! Just got word that our newest shipment of the M-47W mags just arrived and will be available for sale in a few days (they have to clear customs first). I wanted to give you all a heads up and let you know you can start placing your orders now and they'll ship as soon as the shipment hits our warehouse. Shoot me a message if you have any questions! Michelle Customer Service K-Var Corp 702-364-8880 Option 2 customerservice@k-var.com
  12. No, I'm sorry =( The coupon code expired at midnight on the 15th. Michelle K-Var Corp. Customer Service 702-364-8880 Option 2 customerservice@k-var.com
  13. The Arsenal, Inc. magazines are made of polymer and they all meet and exceed mil specs. They have a US made floorplate and follower, and they do have steel recinforcements at the locking lugs. Arsenal built them to be just as sturdy as the Bulgarian ones. As for the .410 mags, those are Russian factory originals. They've been super popular since we got them in =)
  14. Hi Guys! The clear mags don't have the reinforcements on the spine or the lips, only on the two parts that actually lock into your weapon (which are the most important reinforcements anyways). That being said, the polymer on these mags is just as high quality as on all other magazines and it will meet or exceed all mill specs. I did hear that there were once some problems with the polymer on these, but it has been several years since I last heard of somebody having a similar problem. Hope that helps =) Michelle Isom K-Var Customer Serivce K-Var Corp 702-364-8880 Option 2 custo
  15. Anyone going to the SAR Show in Phoenix this weekend? K-VAR will be there with some great show specials on accessories and rifles. Along with new rifles, we are bringing some discounted SGL20, SGL21 and SGL31 rifles. These rifles have some cosmetic issues. Scratches, dents, uneven welds, etc… We are reducing the price to sell them at the show. All of these rifles have been test fired, laser sighted and comes with a one year warranty.
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