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  1. sell it since u live in commie new york and they are just gonna take it anyway
  2. Okay HOW THE F DO I GET THAT CHAINSAW ATTACHMENT! That is the baddest fing thing ever. I need 5 of em. I mean that is just rowdy cool.
  3. Reds rocks but wont let u shoot shot. Slugs only. Which Reds u go to, North or South? I have always preferred South since I can shoot hg and rifles at the same booth.
  4. just got mine 5 min ago..... not sure what to think yet........ I cant believe i actually fing got it. I was order like 99X and that was god knows when last year. wow, I can't wait to see if it actually fing works. If this works it will have been cool to be a sorta beta tester. If not, meh. I want to believe........ SOMEONE POST PICS!!!!!! I will when I get done with it.
  5. that was a lot of help. ty. i wasn't sure the diffs. the pics rock
  6. The bigger still the better! I would buy one for 200 or less. Always the bigger hammer.
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