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    How do you clean your Saiga?

    I use a little break free clp to wipe down everything being sure to wipe away all excess and a boresnake for the barrel. I then use white lithium grease as shown by Jim Fuller in this youtube video as well as a light coating of clp on the spring. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSjE_nEFa0c&feature=related
  2. Kalash103

    Anyone have an IZ-332?

    For clear standard ak mags do a search for: "Clear Smoke Mag New Bulgarian"
  3. Kalash103

    What is this piece???

    Alien implant. You must have sneezed it out.
  4. Kalash103

    What 22 should Santa bring?

    This is the one the kid in me wants because it works well with slide fire stock.
  5. Kalash103

    Kalifornia legal Saiga 7.62

    Have you looked at Arsenal/Kvar CA legal AK's? That might give you some ideas on what to do with yours. http://www.k-var.com/shop/home.php?cat=429
  6. Kalash103

    Kvar Buttstock, trap door useless?

    Kvar furniture is not exactly the same as russian regardless of what they claim. The consistency and QC just isn't there. It is hit or miss as many have reported.
  7. Kalash103

    Looking for a Draco Pistol

    Atlantic Firearms is a site sponsor and they appear to have just added the mini dracos in addition to the regular dracos. Not the lowest prices I've seen but as you noticed, not many others have them in stock. Atlantic has a good reputation for treating customers right. I would not be surprised to see prices go up at other places if or when they do get some back in stock due to popularity, supply/demand and all that. http://www.atlanticf...product866.aspx http://www.atlanticf...roduct1033.aspx
  8. Kalash103

    two tone mini

  9. Kalash103

    Just toke my rifle out for the first time!

    'Nam style? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9r4nYeTflSw
  10. Kalash103

    922R in reverse?

    "the things that goes up"... That reference always makes me laugh! Out of curiosity... I wonder how many people get busted for 922 violations each year. I have heard that nobody has ever been brought up on 922 charges. It is mainly directed at importers, however, as individuals we still all follow it too. The ONLY mention of it in ALL of Federal and State case law is when in 1993 the ATF was upheld in its decision to refuse to renew a FFL license because the seller (Trader Vic's) had installed bayos on imported SKSs and sold them.
  11. Kalash103

    Mini Draco SBR?

    What a jerk. If your state law allows it then it his/her job. These jerks think they are some almighty authority who gives permission when actually their job is only to verify that you have no criminal background. I think certain judges and state attorneys can provide the required background verification but if you are not super wealthy and well connected then they will likely deny your constitutional rights as well.
  12. Kalash103

    two tone mini

    Several people have reported the magpul is OK with ATF because it is not actually a vertical grip. They usually add that it is best to get your own letter from ATF stating as much.
  13. Kalash103

    Lower Handguard Tension Spring

    What do you mean when you say "try tightening the retainer"? The handguard retainer in my brand new sgl21-94 is in full locked down position but still moves around freely within the barrel notch because the notch is too deep and wide. There is no way to tighten the retainer.
  14. Kalash103

    Lower Handguard Tension Spring

    I would also like to know if tension springs work with the loose fitting kvar synthetic handguards. Hopefully somebody who knows will reply.
  15. Kalash103

    Bayonet for 5.45x39

    There is guy from Latvia selling authentic current issue Russian Izhmash ak74/103 bayonets on ebay. Otherwise they are almost impossible to find due to the Russian export ban. They are expensive due to rarity. The Bulgarian version is identical minus the factory markings. It is easier to find and cheaper. Centerfire systems has them for a lot cheaper than kvar.