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  1. Sorry to hear about this man. But, thanks for taking the time to tell us about it. Your post may keep someone else from getting ripped off. Godspeed.
  2. Thnx for the replies guys, even though it wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear. I've read here that you want to stay away from the Indian. I was mainly talking plinking ammo or surplus. But, it seems that even that is expensive nowadays. Anyone against the Wolf steel cased ammo for the Saiga?
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    .308 Ammo

    Guys, I just wanna know from the ammo learned among you. Is Wolf OK for the .308? How bout South African? We all know that ammo prices are soaring. What's the best "bang" for your buck on .308 ammo right now? Links? Thnx, Badman
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  5. --> QUOTE(G O B @ Jan 30 2007, 07:32 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ...you cannot take the right away, That can only be GIVEN! How right you are GOB! And that right was God given. No man or government has the right to take away our right to self defense. Government forgot a long time ago, who works for who. Unfortunately, a "reminding" is close at hand.
  6. Saw this on glocktalk.com - You can order the above stock at https://www.gilbertsguns.com/index.php?requ...;categoryid=525 Thnx Arless!
  7. Gary, I have the PLR-16 and it is a blast to shoot! Ironhead is right though, it's a loud one. I don't shoot without hearing protection anyway, but this is definitely not one you'd want to use without it. Shooting from a bench or bipod, I can achieve 3-4" groups at 100 yds. A guy on the Kel-Tec forum claims better, like 2" IIRC. I'm sure a better shooter can be lots more accurate than I. I wouldn't say this weapon would suck for PD either. 30 rounds of .223 would be pretty awesome to have in a SHTF situation. I say "Buy It", you won't be sorry. Here's a pic of mine, all dressed up: And
  8. Maybe the Discovery Channel should check out this vid from the History Channel. Check out what the AK does to the concrete block wall. Has some info on Izmash and nice shots of the Saiga's also.
  9. I was feeling quilty about having to punish one of the kids. You know, "it hurts me more than it hurts them", kinda thing. Anyway one of my friends said to me in a sacastic way, "Yeah right, you're a really Bad man", so it stuck and it's been my screen name for about 10 years now. I use this handle on about a dozen different gun forums.
  10. You let your wife drive? LOL. I never drive her rig. NEVER. Funny thing I laughed when she said she was buying a Subaru but that car is really really nice. It has some very luxurious amenities like heated leather seats, an awesome sound system and the coolest sunroof I've ever seen on a car and is very utilitarian at the same time. I drive Jeeps and have never been happy with anything else. Ok go ahead and say, "Gesundheit" and get it over with: And yes, I lets my wife drive anytime she wants:
  11. Hey Cobra/anybody, could you give links for the GL, and the FSE? Thnx.
  12. Wow, you really should get that looked at.... ahhhhhhhhhhhh, stop, I can't breathe, ahhaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaa.
  13. Was there a question.....I mean, an avatar?
  14. I am in sales for a national home improvement company. I sell thermal windows, siding, doors, and sunrooms.
  15. Just wanted to post and give credit where credit is due. Too many of us are more quick to complain when things go wrong. I want to compliment AegisDei for being a straight-up businessman. My S12 mags were delivered as promised. They were packaged carefully so as prevent damage during transit. Deal with confidence with AegisDei. Thnx, Aegis! Badman
  16. He responded on the forum, said he was at work and would respond when he got home.
  17. Posted twice on that link, with no response. You heard anything DZ?
  18. Joe that is one sweet piece of machinery. Congrats. You make me sick. Nice work Tony.
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