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  1. Thnx for the finds guys! Interesting and informative. Maybe one of these days...
  2. Got both my stock Saiga's (.308 & S12) from Freedom Guns in Greenville, SC. Charlie is the friendly neighborhood gun runner in these parts, and a great guy to deal with. For the SBS I have in mind, I'll be contacting Tony @ Tromix.
  3. I would also be interested in a Saiga 12 pup. I own the Bushmaster M17S, and I plan on owning the new Kel-Tec RFB as soon as it's released. Anyone have links to pics of Saiga pups?
  4. Contact info. I was thinking the same thing when I couldn't sign on. I finally got an email to Max and he was kind enough to reply "workin on it" and then again saying, "the Forum is back online". What a great moment. Thanks Max! But it would be nice to have some email addresses.
  5. XD-45 with Insight X2L light/laser on nightstand loaded with Corbon DPX, Mossberg 500 with LED light 2 steps from bed-loaded with 8 rounds 00 buck, HP .45 in Sportsman's Guide wall clock also loaded with DPX, and Saiga 12 loaded with 6 rounds 00 buck, very near. I'll soon have the 2 10 rounders that I just bought from AegisDei for the S12. If an intruder should make it past this, I might have to stick him with the shark brake and crack open the safe.
  6. I call dibs on two of the S12 10 round mags. Badman Email sent with offer for the third mag.
  7. Thnx for the heads-up man. We were already taping "24", but I saw that there was an encore of "Future Weapons" coming on at 1:00am, so I set it to tape then.
  8. Already have your first CD. I would be glad to "loan" you my new Saiga 12 to do the conversion for your video. I know, what a guy!
  9. Cool. Pics of the 410 please!
  10. Thnx Tony, Mike. Gun friendly Chief here. Don't think that would be a prob.
  11. Thanks a lot for all the feedback guys! Great forum with lots of knowledgeable folk. Let me get this right. As a common "peon civilian" I can own a machine gun here in SC, but I can't own a "newly manufactured" one? If it's lawful for me to own one, then why not a beautiful Tromix S12 8" full auto, with Galil handguard and OD green furniture? drool, drool. How old does the gun have to be before us common folk can have it? This all sounds like more ridiculous BATFE crap to me... Thnx again for all the quick replies! I guess I'll just send mine to you Tony for the conversion like
  12. So either way, the BATFE is gonna get their $200. Figures. So if I order a SBS build from Tony will he do the forms so they will be cooking concurrently with the conversion? Or do I have to do the forms on my end and wait for the BATFE's reply before even ordering from Tony? I want to know how to stay legal, not that I am happy about having to jump through their ridiculous hoops. But I also want to know how to minimize the time consumption. And while we're at it, what would be the difference in applying for the full auto version of the 8" Tromix, and killing all birds with one shot, so to spea
  13. Maybe someone will be kind enough to clear up the confusion. If I buy an 8" SBS conversion from Tromix, do I pay the $5 transfer tax, or does it cost me $200, or both? If I supply my own stock S12 for the conversion does that make a difference? Which is cheaper, and about how long does it take? Thanks in advance for the help guys.
  14. Great responses guys! Thanks for all the input. Guido2, that Socom stock is sweet. I do want something that will fold on my S12, so I guess now it's a toss-up between the Lage/Ace or the Socom folder. Decisions, decisions.
  15. 325time I hope you get some more responses from some of the guys with both types of stocks. I am also trying to choose which to use on a Tromix S12 build. C'mon guys, give. Is the S12 easy to shoot with the Lage stock folded? Details please.
  16. inparidel, thanks a lot for sharing with us mortals! Beautiful collection you've got there man!
  17. I think the last time I saw them was at remington.com.
  18. Gave $350 for my blued one Hoop. It came with Novak mags, which I think are the best. I have since bought several more, but the Novaks are by far my favorite. The only change I made to mine was to install the Hogue rubber wrap around grips. Sights are a little small, but functional. Good luck. You will like this pistol. It's a great value IMO.
  19. Thanks USP. Donation sent. Thanks to all of you guys who make this forum possible. I appreciate you!
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