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  1. I don't do a lot of buying or selling on here, but I enjoy the hell out of this forum, have learned a lot, and want to help. Unfortunately when I click on "My controls" like it says, I don't find the donations link as pictured. I've tried several times. Maybe I'm not holding my mouth right. Can someone just give me a phone number so I can call and give my CC number?
  2. Just got my Shark Brake in the mail today. Thnx for the fast shipping Tony! I'd planned on a little locktite in lieu of a "tack weld"...any helpful comments on installation from the learned aboard?
  3. Thanks for the updates gents. We need a S12 "MAG ALERT" thread here.
  4. A day at the range. There's a Saiga 308 in there somewhere.
  5. Noob questions here for Tiny. Sweet gatlin gun setup btw. How many rounds do those drums hold? Where can you get them and how much?
  6. Any rhyme or reason to the cycle of availablility on the 8 rounders at rusmil? Can you get on an email notification list or something? Maybe the Mod would consider a sticky for Saiga mag availability.
  7. TH, d'ya get these hi-cap mags for S12 & S308 from FBMG, AGP, or who? I own both of these also and would like to add some mag capacity. Thnx in advance for any help you can offer.
  8. Thanks for the response tritium! I tried going to rusmil.com and it came up some other page, then Googled AGP Arms and no luck with a link. Anyone got links?
  9. For the sake of the relatively new Saiga 12 owners, where can the 5, 8, and 10 round mags be found? What is a fair price to expect to pay for each? Help from the seasoned S12 experts appreciated!
  10. Cobra, I just got my first Saiga 12 today (early Christmas gift from my wife). Fantastic conversion. Heartening to know what can be made of these weapons with a little tender loving care and ingenuity. Rock on! Great job! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Hey guys. Haven't been around for a while and was skimming the threads, catching up, when I came across this one. First, let me say that I am over 25, 35, & 45. I do own a Hi-Point. As a matter of fact, I own four. The HP C-9 pistol was my first over a year ago. I have 1997 rounds through it at present. I had to replace the firing pin at around 1300 rounds because of light strikes, but HP sent the parts to me free with no questions asked. Other than that I have had only a handful of FTF's due to the top round pointing down in the mag. But ever since it has been 100%! I also have the J
  12. How's it hangin' Doug? The scope mount for the Saiga .308 works great BTW, thnx again. Been a while since I've been on here, but when I saw your question about the XD I thought I'd add my .02. Out of 27 weapons in the stable-if forced to choose my favorite-it would have to be the XD-45. The first one I bought now has 4472 rounds through and still shoots like new! It is accurate, reliable and a pleasure to shoot. And you can't beat 14 rounds of the big bullets in one handful! I liked my first one so much, that I bought a second XD-45 and it now has 1614 rounds through. It does nightstand d
  13. TWG, this sounds like a good deal and I've been looking to pick up 500-1000 rounds of .223 soon. I just got an email from J&G on some Silver Bear (zinc plated) and Golden Bear (brass plated) casings for $150 & $160 per 1000 respectively. Any comments on this ammo? I'll be shooting it in my Bushmaster M17S, PLR-16, and SU-16C.
  14. TWG, what's your price? I'd like to see the pics.
  15. how much do you want for it cash? I paid $40 plus shipping. How does $35 shipped sound? Actually, if shipping isn't much $30 shipped. Save me hassle of ebay. Doug Doug have you sold this yet? If not I'll take it for $30 shipped!
  16. Lol. I like that signature. I bet you can stop anytime you want, right?
  17. Hey now that looks pretty cool! (the shroud) Kind of pricey though... Those ATI stocks make that Hi Point look WAY better! Is that bipod made by Beretta? The price actually came down with the HP/ATI shroud. It was a few buck higher on the one for the CX4 Storm, and much higher for the shroud from Beretta. The bipod in the pics on ET's site is pretty cool. Don't know where it came from. I'll have to ask next time we talk. I am supposed to received the first shroud off the press for the HP/ATI. I'm expecting it very soon. I'll try to get some pics on when that happens.
  18. Thnx guys, I kinda thought it might be somthing like that. I'll try and be a good boy. I used to be a little wild, but now I'm monogamous and house broken.
  19. Nyclu, here is a link to a thread on the HP forum that deals with attaching the 15rd Promag to a Suomi drum. The maker is taking orders now! http://hipoint.7.forumer.com/viewtopic.php...49e41857302e19b I have the ATI stock on my 995 now as well. Also another guy is making a barrel shroud similar to the ones for the Beretta CX4 Storm to work on the 995 with ATI stock. It looks great! They are taking orders now on that item as well. Link is: http://www.nortje.com/Products/995/shrouds.htm My 4095 .40 HP carbine is still stock, and I don't know of any hi-cap mags available for it. ATI do
  20. Just below my member number there is a row of 5 blue squares preceeded by, "Warn 0%?". What does this mean?
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