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    I have a new converted Saiga12 with new CHAOS PorkyPine shotgun bayonet installed.


    Shotgun is brand new, and was only fired 10 rounds to test function after conversion.


    Priced to sell quickly! *Posted on other forums as well.*


    Will consider trades. Got a nice AR or AR-10?


    Thanks for looking.


    Converted S12 only with stock 5 round & 1 10 round AGP mag:$800 shipped.

    CHAOS PorkyPine Bayonet: $215Shipped.


    Or- $975 shipped for all.


    Converted using Tapco G2 double hook trigger and DIY Tromix trigger guard, double E-clips and SAW grip.

    USPS MO CONUS. Your FFL must be willing to accept shipping from individual.


    S12 for sale is on the right:


    Drum mag for sale is on left:



  2. What would cause a semi-auto MAK-90 AK-47, milled receiver, to double up or go FA on 2-3 shots? This has only happened twice and after the first time a new trigger was installed, which seemed to cure the problem. This seemed to happen when using a certain magazine, although I dont' see how that could make a difference.


    I know that everyone is hesitant to talk about full auto in general for obvious reasons, but I am asking so I can find out what to look for and repair to make sure this never happens again. I'm not a novice with firearms, and everything I have is legal, but I just can't figure out why this happened.


    Any help would be appreciated.

  3. This shotgun is practically new. Nothing done to it besides the conversion.


    I understand how people here feel about the WM people, but this drum has always worked well for me. I do like my MD drum better though and will be keeping it to use with my other S12.


    Just like the radio or the TV guys, if you don't like the music, change the channel.


    Don't want to separate the package at this point.


    Thanks for looking. :smoke:

  4. Well, I finally decided to let one of the my S12s go. :'(


    I have it listed on GunBroker for $1950 "Buy Now", but will take $1700 plus S&H if anyone here is interested.




    It's converted using the Tromix DIY trigger guard, Tapco double-hook trigger, SAW pistol grip, AK style polymer stock, e-clips and original BHO. The package includes S12 shotgun, Chaos PorkyPine bayo, one Wraithmaker 20 round drum magazine, one 12 round SureFire mag, the stock 5 round mag, and a black padded zippered rifle case. It's the one pictured here on the right.



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  5. I searched the numbers and am 99.9% sure the winners are:



    1269 (prisonshank - 1263)


    2516 (Sgt Rock - 2525)


    1018 (Planefixr - 1019)


    3859 (Akok - 3862)


    1521 (steve-o - 1525)


    I'll give 24 hours for someone to show if I made a mistake. After that the people above will be the offical winners.


    Thanks again everyone!!!



    Congrats you lucky dogs.


    And thanks Mike for the opportunity. :smoke:

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