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  1. Brought a new toy home today. 8-) Here are a few amateurish pics:
  2. XD-45 with a +1 mag (14 rounds) and X2L light/laser on the nightstand. Mossberg 590 with light in the bedroom corner.
  3. Anyone bought the AK bullpup yet? If so, how do you like it? Accurate? Easy to shoot/handle?
  4. Rave on Mike! I only ordered one though. I'll trade you a lightly used Wraithmaker for a second one.
  5. As always throughout this process, Mike has been a straight up guy and kept us updated regularly. I received his latest update email today. While I too am chompin' at the bit to get ahold of my drum, I can find no fault with the way Mike has handled this process so far. Rock on Mike, we're behind you 100%!
  6. Great idea! Nice work. Thanks for sharing the pics!
  7. I thought you of all people would understand "lube"...................... Now THAT's funny.
  8. Oops forgot to check notification of reply...
  9. Gotta admit you had me going there with the first part of that post. But when I read the "Just Kidding" I literally laughed out loud. Not so much because it was funny, but out of relief! Whew. Good one. Way to go man. I'm proud of you and I'm glad for you. You've continued to show yourself as a class act. Oh yeah, I'm glad for me too. I'll soon be fondling one in my greedy paws. Thanks again man for all the hard work, and for taking the time to keep us updated.
  10. Ron Paul is the only candidate that even comes close to making sense! I voted for him and will again.
  11. ABsolutely BEautiful! Thnx for the pics man. Congrats!
  12. I know this topic has been touched on in the past, but the subject bears repeating over and over. This account is well done and ongoing. Viewer discretion is advised. Enjoy the sport and be careful out there. http://negligentdischarge.com/
  13. I have 1911's, but my XD-45 is my favorite. It has exactly 5595 rounds through with no replaced parts and is still going strong. I have lots of "good" guns, but the XD-45 is near to hand in bed at night and wearing an XL2 light/laser. I trust it...
  14. This forum is what turned me on to Saigas. Thanks guys.
  15. Here's the article by Gabe Suarez from the latest Suarez International newsletter: THE STATE OF THE ART - SHOTGUN Although for general purposes, I'd definitely take a rifle, the shotgun comes into its niche in "expected" very close range fights, in reduced light where the tempo of events does not favor traditional marksmanship principles, and where devastating damage needs to be inflicted in as short a time as possible with minimum number of shots. Additional assets are that the nature of the pattern and ammunition lends to hitting adversaries that might otherwise not be hit with a
  16. That rite tair's funny I don't keer who y'are.
  17. DAY-UM! Leave town for a couple of weeks and all hell breaks loose. The only reason to hate Tony is he's not triplets building 3 times as fast.
  18. Best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery for her, and for your mind and heart as well. It's especially tough seeing a good friend or loved one go through tragedy.
  19. Here's a great sling site. You can "build your own", and the prices aren't half bad: http://www.urbanertslings.com/
  20. OK, hope this works. Presto chango, now there's a poll question. Be sure to vote!
  21. Thanks for the detailed rundown GunnyR! I think I'll exercise the poll option on this one and see what is being used most out there in the world of slings. Oh well, the poll option was there one second and then gone the next.
  22. Thanks Bob! This is exactly the type of info I was looking for. Keep 'em coming. Any tips on good quality decently priced slings? Anyone know of a website with pictures of different ways to use a sling?
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