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  1. I've been enjoying shooting all my life and avidly collecting firearms for about 3 years now. I have some pretty nice rifles including the fabulous Saiga .308 and the XCR. The one thing I am missing is a good sling. I need advice on the best type, easiest to deploy, most comfortable, easy to use, etc. Maybe some of the military guys or folks with sling experience could weigh in here and give me some pointers on what type to choose. Three point, two point, single point? Some look kind of complicated. I know that a good sling can aid in shooting accuracy. I would like to hear diff
  2. Both items SOLD! Thanks for looking. Two great pistols For Sale! 8-) LNIB Beretta Tomcat .32! 8-) I have a Beautiful Beretta Tomcat .32 blued slide for sale. Shot only a few times, perfectly maintained, in original blue hard plastic case with box, papers, manual, etc. Also includes two factory Beretta mags. Paid $365 new, plus $36 for new factory spare mag. Bought a KT pocket pistol. Tomcat has been locked in safe, never carried. Bbl. tips up for easy loading of first round! Will sell for $300 FTF in upstate SC, or ship to your FFL for $325. USPS MO in CONUS. For out of state s
  3. If that didn't work you could always clock 'em up side the head. The Bond Arms derringer is a pretty hefty hunk of SS with just enough Rosewood to set off the grip. Sorry for the hi-jack.
  4. It's a might snappy with the .410 slugs.
  5. Mac, Taurus now offers a new version of the Judge that will fire 3" shells. Thanks for the update Badman. For some reason I like the ridiculous looks of the Thunder 5 a bit more. Top pic is the Judge Lower pic is the Thunder 5. What do you think? I already have a shooter that fires .45LC & .410.
  6. Mac, Taurus now offers a new version of the Judge that will fire 3" shells.
  7. It'd be crazy not to get in line, just in case...
  8. I have used my S12 with and without the Shark Brake, and it seems to me that it lessens felt recoil as well as keeping the muzzle rise down.
  9. ... was getting tired of the saliva everywhere....guido2 in Houston
  10. You're welcome! I hope the subject matter doesn't offend anybody. Just a bunch of fun that I thought might be enjoyed by a bunch of guys that I've enjoyed meeting and talking with here on this forum. I knew nothing of the other troubles going on, and I'm sorry to see it happening. I've had a lot of help from Cobra in the past and well, I just hope this all blows over quickly.
  11. Me and some friends from the KTOG forum went for our 5th Kentucky Kel-Tec Konvention yesterday and had a blast. One friend shot film of 3 of us lined up and letting go with S12's and full drums. (at the 2:15 point on the film) Ultraviolent! On hand were several of the guys from the KTOG forum. Mike Sr. and Jr. from WM were there as well. No flaming please guys. I have talked with Mike from WM and Mike Davidson many times. I like them both. Both have treated me with respect. And I believe they both have good products. I have purchased both products and anxiously await my MD-20 drum. So
  12. OK guys, I broke her in this weekend at Knob Creek range in Kentucky at the KTOG get together. Sat. & Sun. I put a little over 400 rounds through. All brass cased high quality GA reload Canned Heat. The rifle was slick as glass. I had 1 FTE during the first 200 rounds and a FTF, but a slap was enough to send it home. The other was a bent cartridge. All spent casings ejected low and 2:00, 5-8 ft away. Picking up brass was a breeze. The EOTech 512 was dead nuts. YHM BUIS-the same. Zeroing was fast and simple. After that, it was almost boring. I was chasing plastic bottles out to 100 yd
  13. The XCR after adding the new MagPul MIAD grip and rail covers. Front VFG stows two CR123 batteries for the flashlight and the MAID grip stows 3 extra rounds of ammo.
  14. You're welcome. Kel-Tec will take it back (no matter what work you've done to it), and return it all new if necessary. I know what you mean about the bolt hitting hard. That seems to be a common thing with the Subs. These things kick to be only pistol carbines. Check out the Tacticool website. Guy makes internal buffers, bolt tube covers and even butt pads for the Subs. Prices are very reasonable. These add-ons make the Sub very comfortable to shoot. Good luck.
  15. AR type format and accuracy. AK type gas system and reliability. Robinson Armament XCR.
  16. I find the same is true at the ranges I frequent. IMO departments should be funded to provide time and ammo for LEO practice/training. IDPA competition should be encouraged. What am I saying? It should be mandatory! For their safety as well as ours!
  17. Hey man, don't give up on it yet. The Subs are some of the most reliable Kel-Tecs made. Give the KTOG forum a try. Good bunch of guys over there. Tell 'em Badman sent you. More than a few Saiga fans among them. They love to help out with problems and they have a lot of knowledge. Just go to the Sub2K section. You might find some info on the search, but if not just register and ask. Just don't go hollering POS, they get a little defensive about their KT's just like we do about our Saiga's. http://www.ktog.org/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl If someone on the forum can't help, not to worry. Just call
  18. Double-damn. 22_Shooter, my experience EXACTLY as well. Now, having spent more than an hour conducting all sorts of web-surfing for information on the Robinson XCR Rifle..... I think I'm bloody hooked! Curse you badman400! .... .... .... ........... Too late Gary, I've been cursed for going on two years now. Glad you guys like the rifle. Thnx for the compliments. I'll be at the Knob Creek Range in KY next Sunday. You're all invited. Bring some ammo!
  19. I have one of each of the above mentioned pistol caliber carbines. All in .40, though I also have a 995 Hi-Point in 9mm and a Calico Liberty 100 as well. I have never shot bare lead ammo in any of them, but I have no feeding issues with any of the various kinds of FMJ/JHP whether new mfg. or reloads. Here are the three .40's. Top to bottom; Kel-Tec Sub2000 Beretta CX4 Storm Hi-Point 4095 The 995 Hi-Point with ATI stock: The Calico Liberty with 100 round magazines:
  20. Actually I got a great deal ($1329 +$20 Shipping) from Atlantic Firearms. The rifle was delivered promptly within 5 days of ordering, and that included a weekend and a holiday! The XCR came stock (no sights or rail covers) with one 30 rd magazine, in a hard plastic rifle case. I thought maybe this would be one with the older 4 setting gas adjustment, but I was pleasantly surprised. Mine has the newer 5 setting adjustment with the "S" supressor setting. The rifle was well oiled and in perfect cosmetic condition. Very pleased so far. I'll know more when I get to shoot it. From everythi
  21. I have a Sub2K I bought in FEB 2006. I have 686 rounds through so far with no trouble! Pretty accurate as well. It does have a snappy kick to it though. Mine is gripped for the Beretta 96 magazine. A buddy of mine from the KTOG forum makes inexpensive internal buffers and butt pads for them. He also makes a bolt tube cover and a nice charge handle cover. These items make the Subby much more comfy to shoot. His website is: http://www.tacticoolproducts.com/
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