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  1. A big +1 to what the other guys said above. I know you hated to give the bad news, but having the balls to do that makes it a little easier for us to be patient. We're behind you. Take some time to recuperate. Enjoy the weekend!
  2. You're on the right track GOB. It's a sweet hybrid.
  3. Thnx guys! Can't say how it handles personally as I haven't had a chance to shoot mine yet, but there is a lot of answers and info here on the XCR forum. http://xcrforum.com/index.php The 7.62 X 39 barrels are due to start shipping anytime now. Soon to be followed by the 6.8 SPC and 6.5 Grendel. Plans are also in the wings for a .308 version. I've wanted one of these for about two years. Had to eat a lot of baloney sandwiches to finally get one. I'm due to attend a shoot meet with some friends from the KTOG forum next weekend at the Knob Creek range in KY. May end up brea
  4. Finally got the XCR I've been wanting. Added: YHM BUIS FAB VFG EOTech 512 MagPul MIAD grip and rail covers on the way. Here she be:
  5. That's odd, I never had a single hang up. I only shot a few rounds out of one of them but fired the hell out of the other. Mine worked perfectly. Fired a total of 210 rounds through with no problems whatsoever. I just decided I wanted something different. Sold it for the same amount I paid.
  6. I'm envious man! Sounds like the first place I had. Until I parted with the first Mrs. Badman that is... As far as the cats go...If the owner wanted it that much, they'd take care of it and keep it out of my yard!
  7. Yeah, that's a bipod...ahhh, er ...that was Photoshopped on there....yeah. Yeah, that's the ticket.
  8. The FN FS2000 pup is ambi with forward eject. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FN_F2000
  9. I bought one last year. Sold it shortly thereafter. One of the three guns I've ever sold. It was ok, but amounted to a glorified .22 with the civilian legal rounds. My XD-45 holds 13 +1 of the big 'uns.
  10. My PLR-16 runs with any AR-15/M-16 mag so far. I especially like the Magpul PMAGs.
  11. Absolute art Dinzag. Take a bow man. Got any pics up of those 30 rounders?
  12. badman400

    "SHTF" = WTF

    IMO this is a thread that NEEDS to be resurrected from time to time. Even those of us who are somewhat prepared, can always glean new information and benefit from "reminders" included here. The differences of opinion are great also. It shows things from more than one point of view. We are all "opinionated" to some extent and tend to exclude other points of view until confronted with them. This is just such a thread. One that confronts us with new and different information. One that prompts us to think outside our usual comfort zone. All in all a very useful collection of information.
  13. Rock on Mike! I like the look of the clear, but would probably choose smoke in case the clear may begin to show scratches and get cloudy over time. I think I will hold off doing any mods to my S12 to make the WM drum work, until I get yours. That way I can note the differences in operation before any changes in tolerances are made to the gun. Will hit you with the feedback and details ASAP. Thanks for the great job you're doing, and even more for not getting greedy.
  14. quote]I'll take my Colt Gold Cup over a Glock. I don't like the grip and the trigger sucks on Glocks. Plus they are ugly as sin.. I do own two Glocks, a 17 and 21. If I could carry OWB, the XD-45 would be my choice.
  15. Mike, I have said it before. Hats off to you for staying in touch with the forum and your potential customers. It may seem like a small thing, but think of all the others who don't communicate well and leave people hanging. You are doing things right by staying in touch, and by taking the time to do things right before releasing your product. Hang in there man. We are all chomping at the bit, yes, but we respect you for doing what needs to be done.
  16. Good for you Mike. With attitudes like this, I think both of you will do well. And in turn all of us Saiga enthusiasts will benefit. The two most important facets here are: the product and the people behind them. So far it seems that we have the best of both worlds with each drum and maker. Keep up the good work! I look forward to adding your product to my collection.
  17. Received my drum from WM today, along with a follow-up call from Mike Jr. Drum locks up tight and stable. Very high quality, strong construction! Haven't gotten to shoot it yet, but loaded, unloaded the drum, and locked up in the S12. All's well so far. Will post after range trip. Thanks to Mike Sr. and Jr. for making a quality product and for taking the time to stay in touch. I believe I have a product that will last.
  18. Mike called me this morning and told me that my drum was packaged and waiting to be picked up by the UPS man! Should have it in a couple of days. I respect a man that will take the time to call and keep me updated. Now I can't wait to get one of Mike D's to go with it!
  19. Bob, have you seen the Para Carry9? It has the carry safety like the LDA. Sweet! http://www.para-lda.com/ldaCarry.html#carry9
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