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  1. Keyser, have fun! Don't be surprised if you're hooked after next week.
  2. Joe I hope you won't mind if I follow in your footsteps and decide to order a 10" from Tony as well. The pics of yours have been working on my brain. I originally wanted the 8", but I think you've converted me. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
  3. I have two of the XD-45 service models, and another XD-40 sub compact. Of all in my handgun collection, the XD-45 is my favorite! They are a pleasure to shoot and very accurate. Grip is more like a 1911, and trigger is pretty damn nice right out of the box. One of the XD-45's I use in IDPA, and it has over 5000 rounds through without a problem. The other XD-45 (1600+ rounds), does night stand duty with an X2L light/laser hanging underneath and loaded with Corbon DPX. I have shot the HK USP and the HK tactical in .45 as well. I also used to own the HK P2000 in .40. My XD-40 SC (3300 + rou
  4. I have 2 Hi-Point pistols (C-9 & the JHP.45). They are rock solid, reliable, and cheap. But yes, they are "Planet of the Apes" ugly. I also have 3 XD's (2-XD-45's & a XD-40 sub compact). The XD's are hands down my favorite pistols out of 34 guns in the stable. One of my XD-45's has over 5000 rounds through and still running like new! I use it a lot in IDPA. The other 45 has over 1500 rounds through and does nightstand duty with a X2L light/laser combo hangin' underneath. The XD-40 SC is one of the most accurate and comfortable to shoot .40 caliber pistols I have ever shot-even with the
  5. The new Para Carry 9 looks sweet too! But in .40, the Kahr PM40 blends the small package and big power beautifully.
  6. quote] that's the mating call of their generation No wonder they're not gettin' any...lol. J/K
  7. I'd love to have one of these to use on the teenagers in my neighborhood that have more stereo than sense.
  8. +1 on the PT-145 Guido. I carry the P3AT daily, but if I was determined to carry a .45, the PT-145 would be one of my top choices. I have one of the older Millenium (Pre-Pro) models, and it is an amazingly comfortable shooter to be that small. And 10 +1 rounds of .45 in that package is about as good as it gets. I trust it enough that it rides in the glove box every day. I also have one of the CZ-75 PO1 compacts in the OD green color. I used some mod instructions from the CZ forum to install the Hogue wrap around grip and it is a sweet shooter as well. 14 +1 rounds of 9mm. A friend has the
  9. Both barrells out of this little one with .410 shells is usually enough for one sitting.
  10. +1 RDS. I also have one of these, and it is a blast to shoot. From a bench you can shoot 2-3" groups at 100 yds. With the piston gas system, it is cleaner than an AR-15 to shoot. Here's mine, with the compact fore end (a must), the GripPod (photoshopped into place of course), the KT sling, A2 birdcage FH, and an ADCO Solo reflex sight. It will fit nicely into a black leather U.S. Luggage Attache' case for travel.
  11. This sounds like a reasonable solution to minimizing deforming of the hulls, but will it cause any increased pressure or affect accuracy?
  12. recoils relative , sorry if I gave the impression that it was a shoulder wreaking beast . obviously it's not . My other 9mm carbines are Colts and HK's , it simply has more felt recoil then them . I was comparing apples to apples , sorry that wasn't clear . Will No reflection toward you either Will, just a lighthearted jab at the ex...lol. Now my Saiga .308 is a bit on the uncomfortable side.
  13. Bud's has them for between $469.99 for the .40, up to $654.99 for the 9mm with the PX4 compatible 17-round mags. http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/index.php
  14. I'm admittedly not very well traveled in the world of firearms, but I always thought the recoil on my CX4 40 cal. was soft. I've never shot the 9mm or .45 version, but this rifle was my ex's favorite out of over 30 guns and she was a real puss.
  15. Nice score Indy! Why don't I ever run across those great deals?
  16. I have the CX4 in .40. I paid about $550 from Buds a little over a year ago. Since then I added all the goodies and probably have around $1100 total invested. It's a sweet shooting carbine. I also have the 9mm & .40 Hi-Point carbines which perform very well and are very accurate. True, the HP "Planet of the Apes" look is one only a mother could love, but I dressed the 9mm up with the ATI stock which makes it look a lot like the CX4. For the money the HP's are a great value IMO. Total for both HP's and accessories is under $550. My CX4 dressed: The HP 995 with ATI stock, and the
  17. Update: I sent in a deposit on a WM drum soon after they became available for order. Yesterday I sent an email to find out when this live demo would be taking place, and where. Mike called me this morning and gave me the rundown. The drums are near completion and will be anodized soon. Estimated time of shipping is approximately 3 weeks. Also the demo will take place in southern Indiana, first or second week of June. Mike also told me that WM will be offering some other accessories for the S12 on the website soon. Besides having his own machine shop, he also has a wood working shop and may get
  18. The crossed swords means it was a military issue. Sounds like the original finish possibly. The 54 is the year it was made, and the Z on the trigger guard means that the decocker was reworked. As those above have said, don't dry fire and don't trust the decocker, even though my reworked decocker seems to work fine also. I wasn't lucky enough to get a $3 deal on my new grips. I paid about $40 for the Hogue exotic wood grips. Looks good, shoots flat out to 100 yards at least. That's the longest range I have access to...
  19. HOW TO START EACH DAY WITH A POSITIVE OUTLOOK 1. Open a new file folder in your computer. 2. Name it "Hillary Rodham Clinton" 3. Send it to the trash. 4. Click "Empty the trash." 5. Your PC will ask you, "Do you really want to get rid of "Hillary Rodham Clinton?" 6. Firmly Click "Yes." 7. Feel better. PS: Next week you can do Nancy Pelosi You deserve to feel GOOD!
  20. Thanks for the tip Cobe. Oh, and the cleaning tip also.
  21. Mike I don't know how many posts I have, but I have watched your thread and design plans with interest. I would appreciate being included in a "first dibs" list if that's ok. Good luck. Can't wait to test one out! And as far as JH goes. Don't give that prick the dignity of a response. He's just trying to take time away from your efforts. He doesn't deserve a reply from you. You seem to be a straight up kind of guy that is really trying. Rave on man! Godspeed.
  22. jaak, you can also try bondo. good idea to sandblast first, and leave some squished through on the inside.
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