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  1. I'd probably be in jail for assulting the idiot writing the ticket because i'd have dumped it straight over top of their dang head.
  2. When I am here alone I take my 590 in the bathroom if i'm gonna be poopin or getting a shower. If the weapon is functional and in working order in my house its loaded.
  3. I vote the red loctite. If you ever need to take it off just warm it up with a heat gun, or mag dumps
  4. I'm beginning to see this more and more, maybe someone at magpul should take notice and start making this product.
  5. My goodness you retards this thread is from JULY 2012. Why the heck are you people still bumping it
  6. Crap i'm a be like half way between this one and the one in greenville SC, guess i'll start signing up for more overtime now, lol. Just curious if this store will fall actually inside SC or NC (ya know for handgun purchasing purposes and such). Doesn't the state line divide carrowinds park?, should make it close. Has an FFL ever opened a business that was divided on the state line physically and tried to have an FFL applicable to both states?? Could be interesting.
  7. I took mine out, replaced it with a flat washer of similar thickness and hole size. Had already bought the modified G2 trigger so it was already shortened up to fit with the BHO lever as well as the hammer re shaped to clear the cross rivet in the 308. I thought about grinding it down and putting it back in but it's a pain in the neck to get in and out and to me about as useless as tits on a bull since it doesn't hold the bolt back far enough on the 308. If you grind yours down to far Road Warrior just shoot me a PM on here and i'll dig my old one out of the junk box and send it to ya.
  8. Yeah your mags are heavy, big freakin deal. If it wasn't for csspecs mags the simple fact is I would have never bought the 308 saiga. If i'm going to depend on the rifle then I want the most rugged and reliable mags available. Cheap mags that don't feed right 100% of the time are far more annoying than carrying a few more ounces or paying a few more bucks to me. The mags I have for my 308 saiga include 2 factory mags, 3 first gen csspecs mags and 7 2nd gen ones. Just pony up the cash and man up if you want to shoot a man sized rifle. If I want a light weight poodle shooting girls rifl
  9. I think he forgot to mention it was heavy.
  10. Not that I'm trying to stir the pot, I held one of these MKA 1919's in academy sports and felt dirty afterwords so needless to say I don't own one. I gotta ask the parts that are shown in the "comparison pics" are these not areas that are covered up by the grip and stock that will be attached after the mods? If so what it really looks like doesn't seem like it would matter THAT much, saw cut lines vs polished milled surface. Would be about as useful as an automotive company painting the bottom of your car with the same quality and attention as they do the doors hood and roof.
  11. For a rifle how about getting one of those unfinished gas blocks (ya know the one that comes up if you search gas block on centerfire systems website) and just don't drill the gas port thru it. Keep your original hidden, switching back would be as simple as swapping gas blocks. For the S12, ship it to me and i'll keep it safe from your yankee laws down here in SC.
  12. Wow nice welds. That's just straight up horrible that he done that. So whats the next move for you, first class one way ticket to HI to put a foot knee deep up a rectum?
  13. Heck it'd be nice to find some 40's everywhere i look is sold out.
  14. Made by the cheapest bidder like everything else, what do you really expect?
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