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  1. Here is one opinion letter............
  2. I had mine engraved a fairly simple process and not that expensive. Sure will make life easier for the wife some day, if she becomes a beneficiary and has to sell it.
  3. Got the rear trunnion today. Thanks again!
  4. Looking for a Saiga 12 rear trunion. I removed the rear tang on my trunion to install a folding stock, I would like to restore it back the original configuration.
  5. Here are my Saiga 12s................
  6. Hmmm........... just left the "Head' you must be a Grunt or a Squid...............
  7. How much did you need to modify the back of the skull to fit on the charger handel? I noticed you did not have an views of the backside.
  8. Damn! How much work are you having done? I sent in the bolt and bolt carrier, along with the trigger group for the Glass and Ice treatment.
  9. Well, so far I have been waiting thirteen weeks, still no word.
  10. Roadhawg


    I used a Magpul AFG2
  11. I wish the show was more informative, then a soap opera.
  12. If you bought it new there is a manufacture date located on the sticker on the box and page 6 of the Shotgun Certifcate.
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