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  1. Hello Folks, I have a like new HEST folder (first run reg production model) with tool to trade. I tested the sharpness on a few sheets of paper thats all the action she has seen. Asking 155 shippid/insured As for trades I am looking for: Protech TR2 Spyderco FFG Manix 2 Swamp Rat knives AGP Gen 2 Saiga 12 10 RD mags Inforce 6V or 6VX and pressure switch
  2. Hello everyone, I have a few bits from the parts box for trade. 1 sold KVAR warsaw length poly stock - The stock is pretty new I only had it on for 1 range trip. 1 rubber buttpad - this fits the KVAR and Tapco poly fixed stocks. 1 Tapco T6 stock with poly tube and optional shell carrier - used but not abused. 2 brand new in bag CAA 1 1/2" heavy duty qd sling swivels Stuff I'm looking for - AGP gen 2 mags Bolt on trigger guard Tromix smooth bolt on charging handle Tromix firing pin with spring Troy or GG&G qd swivels
  3. Nice. Mine is close to that but not quite that angled. I'll sre how she feels next time Im at the range and make adjustments accordingly. Thanks for the pics.
  4. Sure enough it was that damn grip! You can see where it was rubbing the grip in the picture below. A few minutes with some 320 wet dry did the job. She is working just fine now. Thanks for the tips everyone!
  5. I do indeed have an MD Molot installed. I'll check it out after work thanks!
  6. Well I took her apart last night for the first time since I got her from GB. I found some gritty buildup all over as well as some nasty burrs on a few edges of the bho. I cleaned the hell out of everythng, removed the burrs, put a bend in the bho spring and reassembled. She's working good now. I'm still not sure why the bho was stuck. As far as I could tell the spring slipped but that does not explain why the bho would not go up into the reciever.Maybe had something to do with the pksition of the safetey? Anyways I forgot to measure the hammer, next time I take her down I'll check it.
  7. Here are the pics. I won't have time to take it apart until tonight. Thanks for the replies guys.
  8. I'll get pics up asap. The FCG is a Tromix g2 single hook.
  9. My trip to the range was cut short yesterday. After making it through 1 25rd box of Rem reduced recoil 00 buck I locked the bolt back and it got stuck. The bho did not dissapear inside the reciever the button just stayed half pushed up and the bolt would not release. When I got home I managed to get the Titan/dust cover removed. I then got the bho back down by pulling it with a pair of small rubber tipped pliers. Using some force I can manually move the bho lever up and down but clearly the spring is not engaged but there is a lot of friction. Is there normally a lot of friction here?
  10. UTG rail has been withdrawn.... Sorry guys somehow 1 of the rail sections got damaged it can be fixed with a file but don't want to sell a messed up product. Aluminite shroud is now 60 bucks to your door!
  11. Hello everyone, I lurked for a while around here and then could resist it no longer I joined up and got myself a Saiga 12.. I considered having one built by one of the many great builders represented here but in the end the impatient side of me won the battle. I found a decent deal on a used one on GB it came converted with a bunch of extra parts and accessories. I changed out the grip and stock, the Kvar stock and MD grip are sweet. It looks like the trigger guard and safety stop were recylcled, and the Tromix FCG is really smooth with a very short reset. It is a little challenged in
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