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  1. Ya I hear you there. I recently picked up a 30-30 as a gift and have thought about putting a different scope on there. But the last thing scope related i bought was a Burris P.E.P.R. mount which I really enjoy on my Bushmaster. . ETA: photo pulled from internet. Much easier than digging it out.
  2. Are they significantly cheaper in cost than other scope rings?
  3. Im looking for an rpd hand guard with the steel inserts. Everywhere I found has had way too high of prices or doesn't have the steel inserts. Please message me on here if you have a set you are willing to part with!
  4. I have a tendency to shy away from most utg products
  5. thats a sharp looking rifle. wish i could afford one!
  6. renegade331


    Props to you. Thats the first Kushnapup i've seen that actually looks good.
  7. I bought that set and love it. I've had no problem hammering clays with them. Cobra sells a pretty cool choke adapter that you ought to look into as well
  8. renegade331

    sbr saiga 12

    Look on their website. Said the build list is full until 2015. Other people on here do good work as well.
  9. renegade331

    Stg 44

    Have you had any issues with your mags feeding? Mine have a had a few hangups..
  10. renegade331


    how much did the rifle run you?
  11. Eotechs are made to be kind of grainy like that. This isn't call of duty lol
  12. its gotta mooooo at you a bit too! looks tasty
  13. Every gun I've seen thats been dipped has came out awesome
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