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  1. Genocide

    Has anyone here had any work done by Elite Firearms?

    Definitely stay away from Diamond Dave Michener, hes a crook and a piece of shit Liar.
  2. Genocide


    Thats awesome. Any idea on how many will be going out? Just the first 20 or will you get into the 50 pre-orders after that? This Double This.
  3. Genocide

    What to play a game? Part 4

  4. Genocide

    Mississippi Auto Arms Retail Store

    Friggen' sweet, I cant wait till this summer when I come to visit my grandfather in Oxford, I'm sure he'll get a kick out of all the toys.
  5. Genocide


    I sent an Email to Pvt Pyle on the AK-Forum.
  6. Massive rep points for this post. Anyone play Forgotten Hope for BF1942 or BF2? I still do.
  7. Genocide

    E-Tac GoGun Talon BreacherBrake

    That's a lot of machining, looks great!
  8. Genocide

    bore to 17x1 flash hider

    M60, Nodakspud Tabuk. Im sure there are plenty more.
  9. Genocide

    Windage adjustable rear sight leaf

    Mojo Micro click. Enough said.
  10. Genocide

    Homemade Butt Stocks??

    Looking good, keep it up!
  11. Genocide

    A huge thanks to Dinzag!!!!!!!!!&#

    Brian is an outstanding guy! I'm still saving to finish my AKS-12 conversion using Dinzag parts.
  12. Genocide

    Saiga 12s

    I have a Russian FSB(hard to find nowadays), MAA's seems to be much more robust and compairable in price. Krebs and Dinzags are great products also, but a bit more expensive.
  13. Genocide

    Saiga 12s

    Get yourself one of MAA's new front sight blocks! I mean you've already got half the work done with the bead gone=P.
  14. Genocide

    Exotic Pets

    I was given a Bearded Dragon last month by a school teacher with too many pets. His name is Spike Spiegel, hes about 3 years old and 15" long. Hes extremely tame and relaxed, only time he gets jumpy is when my dog wants to play fetch with him. I'll take a pic of him pretty soon. Anybody else have one? I'd like to know a little bit more about them other than all the crap on wikipedia.