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  1. Definitely stay away from Diamond Dave Michener, hes a crook and a piece of shit Liar.
  2. Thats awesome. Any idea on how many will be going out? Just the first 20 or will you get into the 50 pre-orders after that? This Double This.
  3. Friggen' sweet, I cant wait till this summer when I come to visit my grandfather in Oxford, I'm sure he'll get a kick out of all the toys.
  4. I sent an Email to Pvt Pyle on the AK-Forum.
  5. Massive rep points for this post. Anyone play Forgotten Hope for BF1942 or BF2? I still do.
  6. That's a lot of machining, looks great!
  7. M60, Nodakspud Tabuk. Im sure there are plenty more.
  8. Brian is an outstanding guy! I'm still saving to finish my AKS-12 conversion using Dinzag parts.
  9. Polishing triggers....

  10. I have a Russian FSB(hard to find nowadays), MAA's seems to be much more robust and compairable in price. Krebs and Dinzags are great products also, but a bit more expensive.
  11. Get yourself one of MAA's new front sight blocks! I mean you've already got half the work done with the bead gone=P.
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