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  1. @ scoutjoe: Thanks man I have just been holding on to the springs. @ rnemhrd: I was not sure that such a thing existed. I’ll look into it! @ Squishy: Lucky, but yeah your right it not a huge loss at all! @ csspecs: I was a noob! @ RED333: In box me you have a deal! I have no real want to get them back. I have a few working mags now.
  2. Hi guys, It seems like a dun goofed up! The below are 4 keepshooting plastic mags that I tried to get to fit in my Saiga 12, but I'm sure you can see I suck with tools. My question is is there any way that I can fix them or did I completely goof up? Thanks bros!
  3. Amani74

    Saiga 12 hunting

    Good god you are lucky! Wisconsin (The other W) does not have good habitat so the state release them on public land. If I were you I would hunt All season and take advantage of it!
  4. Amani74

    Saiga 12 hunting

    Thought I would share this - All Pheasants are not native in America, but imported from China! They are usually raised by man in the US due to there inability to survive in the wild.
  5. Amani74

    Saiga 12 hunting

    Squishy - No need to apologize to me. I understand where your coming from and agree with you and defequisimo, I do hope that one day you will go hunting, especially for an invasive species like Hogs. 7.62m43 - I want to say GOOD JOB man! You are one lucky man. I can't even get one deer! Groovy Mike - Good look after them Turkeys. I went Turkey hunting, but came up short. Take photos for me!
  6. Amani74

    Saiga 12 hunting

    Groovy Mike- Yeah it does have the weight lol. Keep at it! Cobra 76 two – Thanks I would like to know more about these galvanized steel mag inserts. I’ll inbox you! WI_Dave – Good luck man, I hope to see photos !
  7. Amani74

    Saiga 12 hunting

    Thanks guys! sunnybean I know what you mean, it is odd when you get ready to shoot. I had to practice a lot to get used to it. jeremiahisnaked There is no need for a plug in Wisconsin, but I will be using a ratchet bolt that will go into the gun for Duck hunting next weekend. It will look something like this: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=24483
  8. Hi guys, I went pheasant hunting a few weeks ago and begged two pheasants with my Saiga 12. It was a learn to hunt event at MacKenzie Environmental Education Center here in Poynette, WI. To learn more about learn to hunt events (most are free if not only $15) go to your local Department of Natural Resources website and search for "Learn to hunt". I would have given URL of Wisconsin, but I'm not sure if thats okay here so inbox me if you have any questions. The only thing I did to my Saiga was to paint the front sight red with some nail polish. I had fun and loved it, the S12 did an amazing job! Please get out and go hunting with a friend or two even more fun if its a kid! Let me know if you have any questions!
  9. Would you be welling to trade for an Arsenal Saiga 12 RPK handguard set plus $10?
  10. My new Saiga 12! Its everything I wanted. I added blue loctite to the screws that hold the trigger guard together after taking it to the range and seeing it become lose. I will be adding a UTG recoil pad next paycheck and later on an autoplug. Does any one know where I can get bushpilot47's rail under his barrel?
  11. Amani74

    First Builds

    where can I get the rail under barrel thats holding the light? Please and thank you!
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