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  1. The circle 10's are fully reinforced up and down both spines. These do not have that much reinforcement, but they have more than the polymer only mags that are out there.
  2. This first shipment was just a test shipment to see how they do and with the rate we are selling them we probably won't have any to do testing this time around. They are good magazines, but the Circle 10's are still better. We will probably do some testing with the next batch of these. As far as other calibers go I don't know if we will see them or not. I'm sure that if they have them then at some point we will probably bring them in.
  3. We have a large order for all of the Bulgarian stuff that we are out of stock on. I don't have a date yet for when they will be arriving though.
  4. I expect to have the 21-94's back around the end of the month. The 31-94's aren't going to be until Dec.
  5. They should be on the same shipment as the bolt heads.
  6. We should have them back in a couple of months.
  7. The pistols are officially here and starting to ship. We were able to fill all of the back-orders and can now start taking new orders. You can order them at the link below, or by calling 702-364-8880. http://www.k-var.com/shop/product.php?productid=17827&cat=356&page=1
  8. I am told it is just for the manufacturing process, they all start with the polymer and the factory changes them over
  9. There is one more crate of them that are supposed to be coming in. I don't know exactly when they will be here though. Just stay on the lookout for a similar post announcing they are back and then grab some while they are available.
  10. I just wanted to give a quick thanks to SpetsnazGRU for the nice review that he gave the VEPR's.
  11. The only discount that we currently offer is the Uniformed Services discount. To get this discount you must be an active military, law enforcement, fire fighters and emt's. Other then that, we periodically offer specials via email that get posted on the forums.
  12. The VEPR's come with a one year warranty through Arsenal who is the importer of these.
  13. Besides the great fit and finish of the Arsenal, Everyone of them is also laser sighted at the factory before it leaves to ensure that everything is lined up properly and ready to go.
  14. We only had the two models listed left in stock. I have actually had a pioneer in .223 on Back Order for a dealer of mine for a couple of weeks. It might have showed them on the website, but we didn't have any.
  15. The shipment is on the water and is supposed to be here by Mid April. I just got that update this morning.
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