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  1. I cheated I used a tap handle, drill press, and had my Dad do the tapping (he is a retired tool maker). He did say that he feels the drill was a little small and the metal was very tough. I did not have a problem drilling it with a drill press. I beleive you should not use a drill to tap the screw hole.
  2. The color is a little off between the two, but you don't really notice it when on the rifle.
  3. Never thaught I would like the 5.45 so much, but man is it fun to shoot. Recoil you hardly notice, accurate, and cheap ammo makes you want to shoot more (any one for a SG ammo order?). I did notice that the cheap surplus ammo had a funny smell, but it goes bang, shoots straight, and no issues. Shot about 300rds and did not have any FTE's or FTF's. Did not save the targets because I forgot how to adjust the front sight for windage (I did remember the adjustment tool, LOL), I am shooting a few inches right at 25 meters and I will work on it next week. The conversion was no problem, but I am cur
  4. I did the conversion on Friday and it is easy. Watch the videos, print out the instuctions, take your time, and enjoy. The hardest part is the bullet guide becaue the metal is a little hard just take it slow. I choose to use pan head allen screws for in the holes I wanted a different look.
  5. Has anyone used the CSS Trirail handguard/forearm and what do you have to report?
  6. I received my conversion parts from CSS to day and just a little let down. I ordered a Kvar Nato OD green and the Tapco OD Grean pistol grip conversion kit. They are not the same, but just a little I think when on the rifle you will not notice. Have all the parts to get started along with the enhanced hammer spring. I plan on changing out the hand grip and add a flash hider or maybe a comp next month. I do not like most of the rail hand grips because I find them a little thick, but I have only handled the UTG. Any suggestions for a hand grip that would have a heat shield and what would I
  7. I am not buying the 410 my Dad is and he just wants somrthing small to pop varmits around the barn. Looks like the price for the S12 is going down and I would really like to have one.
  8. New to the forumn and would like to say hello to everyone. Received my 5.45 from CSS and all I can say is "wow" what a shooter. Plan on doing the conversion when the parts arrive. I have been lurking around the site for a few weeks and I find it to be a great site. My Dad also loved shooting the 5.45 and is now thinking on buying a 410 to deal with the possiums and racoons that have been raiding his barn. Hope he does would really like to shoot a 410.
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