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    20 Rd Drum FAQs

    Hello everyone. I am in bad need of some tech support. I have two 20-round Saiga-12 drums from ProMag. One works great and the other doesn't. On the one I've been having problems with, I disassembled it, and tried winding the spring up some more to put more tension on the spring. That didn't work; I'm still having FTF problems. I'm using an adjustable gas plug (Tac-47). This drum is not that old. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Anyone wanting to offer help, can also email me at crocker.jim@gmail.com if that is easier for you. Thanks, Jim
  2. JimCr

    Tac 47 auto plug

    I have a Tac 47 auto plug and I use the stock puck. Rangerguy is right, and so is the guy in the Tac 47 video. Use the stock puck and continue to make 1/2 turns clockwise until the FTE's stop! That's why I did, and my S-12 cycles just fine! Of course make sure after every firing session you clean your puck well and the holes in the gas block.